What Is WeBloc?

WeBloc is a project built on the ICON platform, which aims to help ad platforms build decentralized advertising ecosystems. These ecosystems will allow advertisers to publish ads at reasonable prices while viewers will get compensation for their contribution.

Who Is Behind WeBloc?

The core that is behind this project is comprised of members who have worked for huge tech companies such as eBay, IBM, LG, Naver, and KAKAO. Thus, they can bring industry insights and expertise to the project. Combined with the team from the ICON foundation, the WeBloc team will be able to grow the success of the project.

WeBloc's Competitive Advantage

The idea is impressive since both advertisers and users will be able to benefit. Their products can be utilized by the Digital Advertising Alliance, which will increase demand for these tokens. The weBloc team has a lot of experience in marketing and tech but they are still new to the blockchain, which is why they are working closely with the ICON team.

WeBloc Blokchain Tokenized Advertising Alliance Project Products

The project was created at the start of 2018 and thus, there are no products on the market right now. It is expected that the platform will go live in July 2018 and start gathering data.

Any products released for this project will be done so with the aim of changing the ad industry. The goal is to bring about fairness in this industry, which is dominated by only a few players. Although there are some other similar projects, this project has a higher chance of success.

The reason for this is that they are working with the ICON foundation. The ICON coin is ranked among the top 30 coins by market capitalization. Thus, it is expected the ICO team will impart some of their knowledge to this project. Combined with the marketing skills that the project team has, this project has a high chance of success.

WeBloc WEB Token & ICO Details

The weBloc token is among the first tokens to be created on ICON. WEB will be a utility token that can be utilized to measure the value of the tokens issued via the weBloc protocol. Users that want to be part of the network will need to convert weB to weBP. This token is a platform token that is distributed fairly to participants of this network as a reward for their contribution.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: WEB
  • Platform: ICON
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 ICX
  • Hard cap: 11,000,000 ICX
  • Accepted: ICX
  • Pre-ICO: August 1 –August 14
  • ICO: August 22 – September 11

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