The discussions around the strong relationship between cryptocurrencies and blockchain aren’t ending anytime soon. And with the rise of crypto demand, more and more innovators are coming up with the better trading platforms that could sustain their value with real value backings.

Although it’s a known fact that no Cryptocurrency or token can promise 100% stability to its users, there is the possibility of risk reduction using utility value, as WECARECOIN plans to do.


WECARECOIN (WCC) is a decentralized exchange system that operates on the Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) blockchain for transparent and permanent transactions. Since the exchange has a gold backing, it’s said to possess an inherent value that would derive more utility value.

WECARE WCC Token Sales Information

The Sales event for the 10,000,000 WCC would take place in ICO which would start in 30th April 2018 to 13th June 2018. The acceptable coins include; BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, QTUM, and ETC.

  • Level 1-25% bonus 2 Million WCC at $0.90-30th 2018-9th May 2018
  • Level 2-20% bonus 3 Million WCC at $ 1- 10th May 2018- 19th May 2018
  • Level 3-15% bonus 3 Million WCC at $ 1.15- 20th May 2018- 29th May 2018
  • Level 4-10% bonus 3 Million WCC at $1.25 – 30th May 2018 – 13th June 2018.


The developers and team behind the WECARECOIN idea, came up with the following tools of operations to enhance their users’ experiences;

  • The WCC desktop Wallets for Linux and Windows OS for safe storage of coins
  • The WCC Mobile Wallets for Android and IOS for convenience usage
  • The WCC credit cards for better fiat conversions.
  • WCC POS APIs for easy integration with partners and third parties/ online transactions
  • WCC POS systems for the offline third party and system partners
  • The WCC token with Gold backing for irrefutable value

How Does WECARECOIN Function?

Users of the platform would gain access to various ecosystem activities through the purchase of rights in form of WCC tokens.  The investors can participate in crowdfunding that would give them a percentage of profits from future on platform transactions. During the ICO period, only the original coin holders (WeCare) can sell the coin, however, investors can sell theirs at the end of the ICO period.

Consequently, users can create wallets at the end of the ICO to store their coins and enhance transactions. The WECARECOIN will then be tradable on other platforms that would be made available later on, with unsold coins undergoing distribution among all WCC holders according to their percentage of the stake.

The ecosystem uses of the WCC token include; peer to peer transfer value, a payment system for precious metal sale by retail merchants and wholesale merchants, large-scale industry users and metal distributors. The token can also be used to earn stake interest, gifting others and as a store value.

Should I invest In WECARECOIN Or Not?

While there is no 100% guarantee of return on investments in any kind of ICO investment, there are always those projects that pose higher success cases than others. The WECARECOIN seems to be one of those with higher success rates with the gold backing issue.  Users even benefit from the referral program. However, the investment opportunity might not be for citizens/green card holders in the USA, Singapore, China and Canada during ICO. The same case extends to some UK and Hong Kong citizens. Therefore, you might want to cross check if you are eligible.

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