For a long time, our generations have always had a controversial opinion on the outlawed product that is cannabis. Not so long ago, the issues of legalization took center stage and ended up becoming more successful than we anticipated. While the use of medicinal marijuana became popular, there is still federal regulation in place to oversee the consumption of cannabis. Much of the spotlight usually lies in how the cannabis moves from the farm to the consumer.

The agriculture and market for cannabis are often full of multiple processes just to get the product into the users' hands. Due to this, tracing where the marijuana comes from, to whether tampering took place, is often a challenge to prove. Consequently, the growing demand for a transparent solution is what necessitates the need for a technology such as a blockchain. That is why blockchain-based cannabis projects like the one we get to see next are finally attempting to meet the expectation of the cannabis cultivation and trade culture.

What Is WEEDO?

WEEDO touts itself as the Uber for the cannabis industry and plans to grow the cannabis market by using sustainable plantation supported by origin and viable tactics. However, their crucial consideration is their use of blockchain technology to have a proven ICO crowdfunding model. Investors in the venture will get tokens in return as shares in the production and ownership of a cannabis farm. Each coin (WEEDO) works on the price of producing a 1 gram of cannabis.

In essence, the token amount you hold is entitled to a certain amount of cannabis or exchanged with the equivalent monetary compensation. The WEEDO investors get to also profit from the venture's sales to other consumers without having to be part of the production process. Ultimately, WEEDO hopes to consider cannabis production using environmentally friendly technologies.

How WEEDO Crypto Mining Heated Cannabis Plantation Works

The ICO will go into funding the purchasing and developing of a fully sustainable and organic Cannabis farm. That is to achieve a superior quality of organically grown Cannabis. The farm will feature

  • Solar energy solutions such as solar panels that are energy-sufficient to provide for lighting, air systems and also cryptocurrency mining.
  • A biological fertilizer to support the exclusive organic production of cannabis.
  • A Heating system made from extracting the heat from the mining process.

What WEEDO Aims To Achieve

While the task at hand seems vast for the startup, WEEDO is still optimistic about taking a share of the legal cannabis market and shatter future expectations. Their primary goal for the project include:

  • Successful issuance and sale of the WEEDO token at a nominal value of 2.30 USD
  • Use the ICO funds to initiate the WEEDO farm production cycle
  • Introduce WEEDO products to online stores and other legal cannabis retailers.
  • Create a production line of WEEDO items and merchandise.

WEEDO Token ICO Details

The ICO lists a total supply of 17.5 million WEEDO token with each costing 2.30$. Additionally, the sale will run through four stages and accepts payments through BTC, ETH, LTC, and WAVES.

  • Pre-sale-runs from June 10th-12th 2018 with a 40% bonus
  • Public Sale 1-starts from 14-28th of June 2018 and has a +30% bonus.
  • Public sale 2-starts of on 28 June to 12th July with a +20% bonus
  • Public sale 3-runs from July 12-30th and has a premium of +10%

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