How many times have you gone away for the weekend in the company of a celebrity? Probably never, right? Now you can through the new and exciting Weekend Millionaires Club.

What’s The Big Idea?

The Weekend Millionaires Club is an exciting new idea that seeks to offer participants unforgettable weekend getaways. The idea is to select six participants who will be accompanied by a celebrity – or, at least, a notable influencer – and send them to exclusive locations across the globe to have the time of their lives.

The WMC team handpicks each location depending on its popularity, and it also creates an itinerary of fun activities to do – your imagination is the limit when it comes to what is in store for you, so keep an open mind. In addition to fun activities, WMC will also be facilitating the interaction of participants among themselves as well as with their accompanying celebrity – hopefully, participants will wind up their weekend experiences having made new friendships.

More Than About Fun

The WMC team is not totally ignorant of all the problems plaguing our world. That is why it also plans to complement each weekend getaway with a charitable event.

To this end, it will dedicate a percentage of the raised funds to a wide range of charitable events. It will focus on needy people who live in the locations that participants will visit. It may also widen its scope to endangered animals as well as environmental conservation. As such, you can come from your weekend getaway not only having had the time of your life but also knowing that you played a role in making the world a bit better.

How Weekend Millionaires Club WMC Membership Works

It sounds exciting, right? You are now probably wondering how you can get in on the action. Well, it is pretty simple really.

For starters, you have to qualify as a participant – you will need to invest in the WMC token to do this. To qualify, you will be required to send some WMC tokens to the event-generated smart contract to get into the lottery. The tokens will be “burnt,” and six participants will be selected through a process dubbed “gamification.” Gamification essentially is the solving of real problems using digital game design techniques, and it is popular for its fairness.

However, WMC tokens will not be enough to fund these exclusive events. That is why the WMC club will network with leading tourist agencies across the world to develop secondary revenue sources. It will also carry out elaborate YouTube marketing campaigns to grow the project’s popularity.

Welcome The Weekend Millionaires Club WMC Token

The WMC token is the currency that will fuel this ambitious project. It is developed using the Ethereum blockchain technology, and it is currently available on the WMC Club platform during the ongoing pre-sale phase. It will later be rolled out on all major crypto exchange platforms where it will be traded for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major crypto and fiat currencies.

However, WMC tokens will be available for more than just participating in the WMC Club – they will eventually grow in value and hopefully become just as profitable as BTC and ETH.


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