What Is WeevoCity?

WeevoCity is designed as a decentralized social network that will help to connect local businesses with those around. Online sales of their services and products will be conducted via smart contracts. Payments will be possible both via crypto and fiat currency.

The goal of the developers of WeevoCity is to come up with a unique network where local businesses are visible in an easy and affordable manner in the digital space. Besides that, it will ensure that those around them know of the products and services they offer. They also have a goal of creating a secure and effective place for advertising, bookings, and online sale with the help of the blockchain.

WeevoCity Local Business Marketing Blockchain Projects

The project will comprise of two parts:


This is a decentralized ecosystem that is built on the Ethereum VM, which will be used for online sales and advertising management.


This is an application that will connect to the decentralized WeeTransactionChain engine.

On WeevoCity, every local business trader in a city will have the opportunity to present his or her business. They will be able to publish a short publication and listing for online booking and sales of services and products, they offer. Payments will be possible via both the Wee Token and other major cryptocurrencies and major fiat currencies.

The Current Situation

Existing platforms typically offer most of these separately. Thus, it is usually difficult to gauge how a product is performing against the cash used on ads. Besides that, end users are usually not protected from dishonest merchants.

Any local business in a city is going to be able to post ads for services and products free in a decentralized WeeTransactionChain book. Besides that, users will be able to post ads on affiliate networks by setting the commission percentage of the final price you wish to pay for every sale. That way, you only spend money when you sell.

The other option will be to advertise a business as a place into the audience in your location, globally or where you choose. Here, payment is going to be based on a successful visit to the business account on Weevo.city.

The WEE book will be decentralized and will be powered by the Ethereum VM. It will be open to anyone who wishes to integrate it into their mobile app or web application. All the data is going to be stored on the WEETransactionChain blockchain. All transactions are going to be executed via smart contracts.

The Weevo.city is going to be the front-end application, which will connect to the WEETransactionChain engine. At the core of it will be the Wee Ledger. The current sales platforms do not offer full protection for parties due to their centralized nature. In most cases, a team of the platform itself usually does dispute resolution. This presents an issue of conflict of interest. With the help of the blockchain, issues of human interest will be eliminated.

WeevoCity WEE ICO Details

The ICO started in March and ended in June. In July, the WEE coin will be released to exchanges. The project has a soft cap of 200 million coins and a hard cap of 500 million WEE coins.


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