What Is Weicrowd?

Weicrowd is said to be the safest token marketplace you can find online. And it’s said to be that way because it operates on its own exchange and accelerator. The nature of cryptocurrency is harsh, it’s volatile, unstable and unpredictable. Plus, there are tons of hackers and other scam artists looking to rip off newbies who don’t know any better.

How Does Weicrowd Work?

The platform is setup to protect users from scams through the use of systemic processes. Weicrowd also has a lot of liquidity processes to help guarantee successful crowdfunding and token liquidity. Withweicrowd, the total growth of the ecosystem to power up the Token economy one of the main goals. Like many other startup ICOs, if you want to see what the platform is all about, then you just need to head to the company website and watch the video in conjunction with the other resources available on the website. Other mediums the website and platform can be researched on are the Merkle, KYC powered by Sum & Substance.

The Weicrowd platform also has a ton of different modules that are designed to help drive the platform by teaching the people who are on it, exactly what it’s all about. The keys to the platform are automation, Big Data, AI-ML, Human Insights, and also has SEVEN key modules.

What Is The ICO On WeiCrowd (WEIS Token)?

The Pre-ICO starts in a little over six days, and you can buy the Weis Tokens with either Ether or Bitcoin. Your funds need to be sent to a private wallet only, for them to actually be accepted. And when you do, you do – you are instantly entered into a drawing to win a bonus. Also, if you try to use an exchange wallet, you won’t be able to complete the transaction and could possibly lose money.

Therefore, token safety, growth and liquidity are essential to the proper functionality of a platform. And the beauty of Weicrowd, they’re making safety and security one of the most important focuses in running a successful ICO and business. The entire platform is built to support a token- based economy.

As far as the ICO goes, the Soft Cap is 2.34 million USD and the Hard Cap is 14 Million USD. When you head to the company website, there is a whitelist you can join to be one of the first people to be notified when something happens within the system, and you need to act. When you are on the white list and one of the first people to get into the system, you get a massive 80% bonus that is ideal for you if you’re looking to get some big savings early on.

Along with the company whitelist, there is also a white paper that has all the information you need to understand the company, opportunity, investment, technical need to knows, token and so on. The MVP/Beta is also available and ready to use for people who want to start getting familiar with the platform.

WeiLauncher is another the beneficial pieces you can find on the platform and relies solely on the power of ICO automation. Another important feature is the WeiFolio, a power of data driven portfolio management to help users better handle the app and people on it. The Weicubator is also great as it leverages the Blockchain technologies talent and liquid nature. That’s not all though, there is also the WeiX a powerful way to show the token liquidity on the Wiecrowd network.

WeiScrow roadmap is something you can see on the company website and is something that is powered by the smart contracts used within the blockchain as well. There are only a couple of other really important aspects to note when it comes to Weicrowd, and one of them has to do with emphasizing the power of the community and that includes the general consensus and insights that are given. Lastly, there is WeiScore – considered the most powerful token scoring system and algorithm.

When you go to the company website as a startup, you can learn how to leverage the power ICO automation, platform expertise and benefit of guaranteed Softcaps. The automation of the ICO token, bounty and marketing all realistic ways of operation on the Weicrowd platform.

And with the WeiCubator, you can use it ideally for post ICO blockchain development as well as advertising and marketing. And with the Weix Exchange there is a crypto exchange that is ideal for bringing successful ICOs and the associated tokens to the platform. Once again, to learn more you can read the company whitepaper.

Who Is Behind WeiCrowd ICO (WEIS Token)?

As of now, the platform Weicrowd has the backup of two major exchanges. One is EtherDelta and the other is WeixBeta. And now there is a seriously diverse team of professionals who have a combined 125+ years of experience in industries related to Wiecrowd.

Between the advisors and team members, there are more-than a dozen people who are working hard to bring the platform to full fruition and improve the speed at which the platform takes off. Along with the team, advisors and all related parties – investors and other interested people and parties are looking to see how they can help the project move along swiftly.

Wiecrowd In Conclusion­

To learn more about this massive platform that is about to take off and make some major headway. It’s likely that Wiecrowd will be one of the platforms and ICOs that actually takes it to the next level and will be here to watch themselves take off, while leaving the rest of the companies of a similar nature choking on their own dust. To learn more about the platform, head to weicrowd.com and see what you can learn for yourself.

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