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As we all might be aware of, the current healthcare system that is being utilized by nations across the globe is quite expensive and cumbersome. Not only is it difficult to gain access to the best doctors, but it can also be challenging to get the correct diagnostic treatment for patients. Other key issues which have been identified within this domain include:

  • Difficulties in transfer of patient data (health history) from clinic to clinic
  • Opacity in charity mechanisms

Additionally, to shed more light on this issue, we can take China and its healthcare system as an example. The cost of treatment via the use of the current system in the country has been projected to increase quite substantially in the coming future, and costs are destined to increase from around $520 Billion to a staggering $2.35 Trillion by the year 2035.

About WELL

Well is an all new “crypto based healthcare platform” that aims to create a system that can enable people to receive timely medical help irrespective of their geographical location. It uses the blockchain, via which specialists can connect directly with patients all across the globe.

Additionally, the platform will also deliver features such as:

  • On-demand healthcare
  • Cross-border payments
  • Streamlined Data accessibility
  • Minimized payment risks

As a consequence of this, any person in any country can gain direct access to quality medical services quickly and efficiently.

Other Key Aspects of The WELL Service

(i) Cost Reductions:

Through the streaming of the entire healthcare process, Well aims to bring down overall treatment costs by over 30%.

(ii) Multi Faceted Support:

Another key aspect of this service is its ability to treat a wide array of patients including travelers, expats etc.

(iii) Digital Record Governance:

Though the use of the blockchain, Well is able to maintain a fully digitized “electronic medical records system”. This not only makes patient data more accessible, but also allows for faster diagnosis and treatment.

(iv) Second Opinions:

Another key advantage of this system is its use of a “curated global network” that enables patients to get in touch with doctors to receive a second opinion.

(v) Digital Link:

Well can be used to serve as a link between many service providers including pharmacies, translators, patients etc.

(vi) Community Support:

The platform also serves as a social tool for patients to get together and interact with each other.

(vii) Group Buying:

An underrated aspect of Well is its ability to help users gain access to insurance policies that are blockchain compatible.

Token Details

As mentioned earlier, Well will make use of a native currency that will allow for all internal transactions to take place. The token sale start is scheduled to start on the 15th May,2018 and go on till a hard cap of 1,500,000,000 tokens is met. In terms of their pricing, 1 WELL token = USD $0.10.

WELL ICO Token Allocation Details

According to the company’s official whitepaper

  • 40% of the currency pool will be released to the public during the Crowdsale
  • Another 40% has been set aside to promote “business and network development”.
  • The remaining 20% has been set aside for use by the core development team, as well as for the launch of the platform.

For any further details regarding the ICO or the platform itself, customers have been encouraged to get in touch with company officials on the email address provided on the “contact us” page.

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