As the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to gather momentum all across the globe, the need for transparent crypto-enabled payment services stands at an all time high.

Welto is an all new smartphone app that makes it easier for people to pay their utility bills via a host of alt-assets in a completely streamlined manner. Owing to its simple UI, it allows customers of all digital capabilities to make use of this service.

Welto Main Advantages

One of the most unique features of this app is that it does not require the involvement of a cryptocurrency exchange to convert our holdings into fiat money. As a result of this, users can employ their alt-assets for a variety of different purposes as and when they see fit.

No Wait Times

Another underrated feature of this platform is that it allows for immediate transactions to take place. Unlike regular banks that take anywhere between 3 to 5 business days to process transactions, Welto allows for all monetary processes to be executed immediately.


Through the use of certain privacy modules, Welto is able to provide its customers with a high degree of safety and confidentiality for all internal transactions.

All-in-One system

As mentioned earlier, this service not only allows for crypto deployment but also facilitates transactions pertaining to fiat money (dollars etc.). In addition to this, Welto also features a host of other financial and management protocols all of whom can be accessed via one app.


In its current iteration, the app supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zencash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Crown.

Other Welto Main Benefits

As per the official company website, users have the ability to connect all of their Bitcoin, Ether, or other cryptocurrency accounts with Welto (regardless of which exchange they use primarily).

The app comes built with a tracking module that keeps an accurate tab on the price of different alt currencies. Not only that, Welto also automatically converts our cryptocurrency balance to a base currency and displays the amount in a simplified fashion.

Users have an option to schedule monthly payments by using the calendar option located within the platform.

Another underrated aspect of this service is that it allows users to track their income and expenses from one place. This not only helps us plan our future spending budget more wisely but also allows us to set-up long term financial goals.

Via the deployment of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled bot, users can easily analyze their weekly/monthly income and expenses.

How To Sing Up With Welto

To sign up for this service, users first have to download the smartphone app from either the Apple or Google app store (depending upon the device they own). The registration process is quite simple and requires us to fill out certain forms before we can start spending our crypto holdings.

For any other details, queries or doubts in relation to Welto, customers can get in touch with company representatives via email.

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