The initial coin offering marketplace is extremely competitive. In the current market paradigm, in many cases simply presenting a solid and innovative concept and launching an ICO is not enough. Marketing is now a critical element of any initial coin offering, and can be a complex and difficult task.

There are many different platforms that potential investors use to identify and invest in new and promising initial coin offerings. In addition to platforms such as TokenData and CryptoNinjas, savvy crypto investors also use social media platforms such as Reddit, where they are able to find unbiased and reliable assessments of new tokens.

With so many tasks involved in the creation of a winning and successful ICO, finding the time to develop an effective marketing team that covers all of these different avenues of exposure can be virtually impossible. A new marketing platform, however, is aiming to simplify the process of ICO marketing with a simple one-stop-shop for ICO marketing needs.

WeRaise is a straightforward and transparent ICO marketing firm that is specifically focused on ICO marketing. In this article, we’ll take a look at the WeRaise platform and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s worth considering for your ICO marketing.

What Is WeRaise?

WeRaise is an initial coin offering marketing solution platform that leverages more than 15 years of digital marketing experience to deliver highly effective ICO exposure.

The WeRaise platform boasts two years of experience in blockchain solutions, and was present in the earliest days of ICO marketing. Additionally, the creators of the WeRaise platform possess 8 years of experience in media strategy and social media marketing, 10 years in marketing and PR, and more than 15 years of experience in digital and mobile development.

WeRaise Services

WeRaise focuses primarily on banner advertising, and delivers a range of banner formats that can be used to enhance marketing efforts. The banner services offered by WeRaise are split over four different banner types, starting with the Premium banner.

WeRaise Premium banners are available in a broad spectrum of different resolutions, and can contain either static images or animations. WeRaise also offer an Expandable banner that delivers an interactive format upon click or mouseover that can contain video, interactive elements, or an animation.

The Catfish banner offered by WeRaise is a full-width media ad that anchors itself to the bottom of a browser window, and remains on screen until closed by a user. Lastly, WeRaise also delivers mobile format banners in a range of different formats.

In addition to banner services, WeRaise also provides targeted PR placement across a broad spectrum of sites including Reddit, TokenData, CryptoNinjas, NewsBTC, The Merkle, CoinDesk, Bitcoinist, CoinGecko, and many more. WeRaise also creates press releases and provides copywriting services, ad writing, and Facebook ad placement.

WeRaise Verdict

The WeRaise platform is one of the only marketing firms specifically geared toward ICO marketing, and delivers a range of targeted services. If you’re about to launch an initial coin offering, WeRaise is definitely worth consideration as a marketing service provider.

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