What Is Whalesburg?

Some have asked what makes the Whalesburg platform different from others that offer mining pool services. The difference is that while other pools only focus on one aspect of the miner’s needs, Whalesburg has been designed as a one-stop solution for every issue miners face.

Whalesburg Cryptocurrency Mining Platform Features

Here are the areas that Whalesburg concentrates mostly in:

The OS

The current popular providers today are the ethos and nvOC. Both of these force their users to become Linux experts. This is because there is no graphic interface. Whalesburg has a clear edge in this area.

Its OS solution will offer various advantages such as real-time integration with their cloud. It will also allow for remote monitoring, managing, and rebooting rigs on a large scale. This is an important solution, especially for any farm with more than ten rigs. Essentially, you will be able to monitor your rigs even when you are on holiday.

The Financial Reports Builder

Whalesburg understands that miners are investors. The OS will come with a module that allows for professional financial reporting. The tool will let you include as much data as you need to determine whether your rig is working efficiently.

Remote Configuration

Because of the cloud functionality, you are able to configure your rig without having to be physically present.


The first step to solving a problem is to know there is a problem. Every miner needs this in his or her software. However, this is not the case. Whalesburg is going to set up an OS that lets you be notified when a failure occurs.

The Mining Pool

The crypto markets are quite volatile. Besides, the cost of setting up a rig can be quite high. It is the reason most miners prefer to join pools. Most pools today focus on just one coin. However, Whalesburg will make it possible for miners to mine various coins. In the long term, this could help to make mining more stable.

Monitoring Tools

Whalesburg stores statistics on your hardware in the cloud in real time. It will enable a wide array of features such as one-click overclocking of all rigs. Besides that, you can access income reporting, forecasting, push notifications, and troubleshooting.

Profit-Switching Solution

Whalesburg has a profit-switching algorithm that protects you from sudden drops in price. This algorithm analyzes the parameters of every coin to see profitability reports that are tailored to the hardware setup you have. The decision is then made to switch to an appropriate hash rate automatically.

The Overclocking Tool

Right now, the leading tool for this purpose is Afterburner. However, it is not perfect. For one or two rigs running on Windows, Afterburner works just fine. However, when you are dealing with 10 units or more, this tool becomes time-consuming. Whalesburg is offering a large overclocking solution to all miners. This platform views itself as the future of crypto mining. They are happy to have as many people as they can onboard. They definitely have a great concept for what crypto mining solutions should look like.

Whalesburg WBT Token ICO Details

Whalesburg will hold a pre-sale and main-ICO for their WBT Token sometime in the future. You will be able to invest with Ethereum. Check back on their site updates.

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