Recently, Bitcoin Cash carried out a stress out in order to determine the pain points of this cryptocurrency. There was a lot of valuable information that was gathered and the results of the test seemed promising. Let’s look at some 5 things that took place:

In all honesty, it’s important and encouraging when a stress test goes well since increasing the number of transactions doesn’t pose any real threat. During this BCH stress test, it can be said that the results were good since the number of transactions was 10 times the usual output. Such a case allowed the crypto’s community and its developers observe it for future things.

2 Million Plus Transactions Completed

When carrying out a stress test, it’s common for the system to experience delays. However, during the BCH test, it’s reported that almost 2.2 million transactions were completed without the system experiencing any problems. Bitcoin Cash has a different approach to scaling compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Efficient Big Blocks

When carrying out such a stress test, all mining pools require to be utilized. During the BCH test, all its pools were processing huge blocks. In some cases, the blocks were as big as 15MB in size which affirms that this crypto is keen on scaling and it doesn’t take it as a luxury. There’s even a proposal to increase the maximum block size of BCH soon.

New Record in Block Size

During the 2018 BCH test, a new record for the biggest block size was set at a whopping 23.15 MB. Such a size is impressive in the crypto space and shows that setting high limits for a particular network is good as much as this is an exception not the norm.

Low Fees Still Charged

In most cases, when there’s such tests the transaction costs may get inflated. However, during the BCH Stress Test, there was no significant inflation in the transaction charges. Most of the transactions incurred a cheap fee of 0.001 USD.

All in all the BCH stress test can be said to have largely succeeded although it shouldn’t be considered as a true representation of the network. That said, it’s always important to prepare for what lies in the future and Bitcoin Cash seems to be doing so.

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