German telecommunications giant T-Mobile is known as a leader in the development of cloud technology. In recent months, the firm has been coming up with a way to become part of the blockchain development. The giant company is currently developing a solution to the computing challenges being faced by companies who use cloud and blockchain technologies. Last year, the firm revealed plans to develop a Proof of Concept Blockchain.

What Is T-Mobile's Blockchain Hyper Directory Project?

The project titled as Hyper Directory is a Proof of Concept or POC that is a solution to some challenges faced by firms using cloud technology. The solution addresses challenges faced during the change of management and audits. It also seeks to enhance efficiency, reduce complexity, and do away with the need for cloud technology firms to regularly need to seek permission for their operations. Hyper Directory uses Hyperledger Sawtooth which is a blockchain modular developed for the development of apps and distribution of registry networks to meet the above goals.

The new system will ease decision making by large firms. It will also allow apps to choose consensus algorithms, authorizations and transaction rules based on the client needs. The POC idea was developed specifically to solve problems that are related to cloud technology. The new system seeks to effectively manage cloud access, authorize agreements, and grant permission while at the same time simplifying the process.

Other T-Mobile Projects

Additionally, the firm hopes to add a system of smart contracts using the RESTful API that will integrate into the Hyperledger Sawtooth. This allows cloud permissions to be compatible with other T-Mobile open source programs. Further, the firm launched Jazz Serverless Platform whose goal is to develop cloud computing without the use of a centralized server. The firm is also working on Keybiner another open source project. From the looks of these projects, it is clear that T-Mobile is set to be more involved in the development of open source programming solutions using blockchain technology.


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