The growth and development of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology has brought with it a huge amount of information traffic. Innumerable sources both online and offline already exist to shed light on the merits and demerits of the crypto space and the blockchain technology.

However, with the influx of information into the society, there is a need for a universal style and a naming convention when it comes to reporting matters cryptocurrency and blockchain. This is important because not all information outlets have qualified and experienced writers who can write to the level of industry-specific publications.

The CBC Intervention

The wide variation on style and convention on blockchain and cryptocurrency information needs to be addressed. Fortunately, one effort is bearing fruit. The Chicago Blockchain Center’s (CBC) Manual of Style is an important resource to help those with limited knowledge in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

According to Phil Gomes, the Director of Communications at CBC, the idea of the resource surfaced up in September 2017. The document has been shared widely on LinkedIn and on Twitter ever since.

“The document itself is turning into just as much a glossary as a Manual of Style. I’m actually comfortable with this given the relative newness of this category, even though we have had some critics weigh in that the emerging result hasn’t strictly conformed to the definition of “Manual of Style,” like the Chicago Manual of Style or the AP Manual of Style. Fact is, there is a lot of confusion on terminology as well. I’d say we’re 75% concerned with style issues, 25% with definitions,” said Phil.

What Is The CBC Manual Of Style?

The original motivation of the document was based on the absence of a universal rationale when it comes to using terms and describing concepts relating to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This objective has not changed, perhaps because the issues it was meant to address have not been solved thoroughly.

However, the CBC Manual of Style is committed to achieving its intended objectives. Even though various crypto guides exist out there, they do not meet the threshold for a manual of style to be used in the crypto space. The CBC Manual of Style comes in to bridge the gap. The document was pioneered by the Chicago Blockchain Center.

What Is Chicago Blockchain Center?

The Chicago Blockchain Center (CBC) is a public/private partnership that focuses on improving and celebrating the immense potential that the Chicago community offers in this transformative and technology area.

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