WhatToMine is an informational website for the cryptocurrency mining industry. Find out everything you need to know about WhatToMine – including how to use it to maximize profits – today in our review.

What Is WhatToMine?

WhatToMine, found online at WhatToMine.com, has been described as a miner’s best friend. Did you just build a mining rig? Do you know the basics of mining cryptocurrencies – but now want to maximize profitability? WhatToMine wants to help.

WhatToMine combines a lot of data – including some data provided by you, the miner – to determine which coins will generate the best return based on current rates.

Obviously, different rigs are suited to mining different cryptocurrencies. Plus, prices fluctuate constantly, so it might be more profitable to mine bitcoin one day, then Ethereum the next day.

How To Use WhatToMine

You don’t have to let the website scan your system to get information from it. instead, you can just input your graphics card and choose from a list of popular GPUs. Enter the number of GPUs you have, then you should see your card hash rates fill themselves in.

After this, you’ll just need to enter your electricity costs. You can also enter specific energy usage numbers based on different algorithms – if you know them. If you don’t, then WhatToMine is smart enough to average out electricity costs.

Once you’ve put in that information, WhatToMine will tell you which currency is the most profitable to mine.

The website will show you approximately how much revenue you’ll generate by mining that cryptocurrency, and how much profit you’ll earn (based on electricity costs and consumption).

You can also sort through cryptocurrencies by difficulty, NetHash, market cap, exchange volume, current revenue, and long-term profitability (say, average profitability over a 3 or 7 day period).

The website features hundreds of different coins, including all of the large cap coins and plenty of smaller coins.

Who’s Behind WhatToMine?

WhatToMine.com was launched in April 2014 by a BitcoinTalk.org user named Fredeq.

You can get in touch with the website’s development team by filling out the contact form. The website features small, unobtrusive banner ads. Those ads appear to be the only monetization method.

WhatToMine Conclusion

WhatToMine is a helpful website that lets miners see exactly which cryptocurrency to mine, based on their current rig. You enter your GPU, the number of units you have, and the cost of your electricity. The system runs the numbers, checks current prices and difficulties, then uses that information to recommend the best cryptocurrency for you to mine.

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