Where Can I Spend Bitcoin?

Spending Bitcoin is surprisingly easy. Back in the early days of Bitcoin, you could only spend the virtual currency at a small number of tech-savvy retailers – or you could buy illegal goods and services online with it.

Today, things have changed dramatically and a wide range of retailers now accept Bitcoin.

Online Retailers

Many online retailers have accepted Bitcoin for the past few months. The number seems to grow every day. Here are all of the major retailers that currently accept Bitcoin in exchange for products and services:

Microsoft: You can’t buy everything on the Microsoft store with Bitcoin. You can, however, add Bitcoin to your Microsoft account and then use that Bitcoin to pay for apps, games, and videos on Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone. So if you enjoy buying digital content from Microsoft, then Bitcoin can help.

Dell: Dell lets you buy certain PCs using Bitcoin. You can actually save money by using Bitcoin. If you buy high-end Alienware PCs, Dell will cut 10% off your price.

DISH Network: DISH Network was once America’s largest Bitcoin-accepting company. You can still use Bitcoin to pay for satellite TV subscriptions with DISH.

Overstock: Overstock sells just about anything you could want for your home, including jewelry, electronics, and furniture. All prices are listed in USD, but you can choose to pay with BTC once you hit the ordering page. Today, Overstock is available in over 100 counties around the world.

Newegg: The LA-based PC parts retailer offers competitive prices and easy shipping. Today, the company also sells a wide range of appliances and goods.

Showroomprive.com: Popular in Europe, this online store sells products from a wide range of fashion brands online and over its mobile app.

TigerDirect: TigerDirect, like NewEgg, sells PC parts and accepts payments in Bitcoin. You’ll notice there are lots of PC parts sellers who accept Bitcoin because they know Bitcoin miners need the latest and greatest PC hardware.

Monoprix: Monoprix is popular in Europe and currently accepts Bitcoin at its online store. It has also announced plans to accept Bitcoin at retail locations in the near future.

Bitcoinshop.us: One of the few retailers specifically catering towards Bitcoin users, Bitcoinshop.us sells everything from watches to air conditioners. You can even pay in other virtual currencies – like Dogecoin and Litecoin.

Memory Dealers: Yet another computer hardware shop that accepts Bitcoin.

Theatre Tickets Direct: Theatre Tickets Direct is a UK-based company that sells tickets for shows in London, including famous West End theatre productions and musicals.

Honest Brew: Honest Brew lets you buy beer with your favorite virtual currency. It sells beer from its own brewery as well as nearby affiliated breweries.

Flights and Hotels

You can now take a vacation entirely using Bitcoin. Popular vacation services accepting Bitcoin include:

CheapAir: Book your trip entirely online, including flights, hotels, and Amtrak railway bookings.

AirBaltic: AirBaltic became the first major airline to accept Bitcoin in summer 2014. You can book flights across Europe, although certain countries are excluded, like China, Indonesia, Jordan, Iceland, India, Russia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Lebanon, and Malaysia. AirBaltic also received a fair bit of criticism when it first accepted Bitcoins because it charged a fee of 5.99 euros for every Bitcoin booking. It doesn’t do that anymore.

AirLituanica: This Lithuanian airline accepts Bitcoins for flight tickets across its service network.

BTCTrip: BTCTrip sells hotel bookings and flights. It was one of the first travel sites to begin accepting Bitcoin. Just like other Bitcoin-named online retailers, BTCTrip also accepts other virtual currencies like Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Expedia: Expedia accepts Bitcoin for all hotel bookings and was the first major online travel agent to do so. Just choose to pay with Bitcoin at checkout. It’s listed right alongside options like PayPal and VISA.

Holiday Inn: Before you get excited, only one Holiday Inn accepts Bitcoin. That hotel is located in Brooklyn, New York on Union Street.

One Shot Hotels: This is a Spanish hotel chain that accepts Bitcoin for its two locations in Madrid. More of the chain’s hotels – including hotels in London, Barcelona, and Valencia – may accept Bitcoin in the future.

General Services

You can use Bitcoin to pay for a variety of general services, including:

Chicago Sun-Times: This newspaper accepts Bitcoin to pay for subscriptions. It was the first newspaper in the United States to do so.

RentHop: This property listing site doesn’t let you rent homes for Bitcoin, but it does let you advertise on the site and pay in Bitcoin. You can actually save up to 60% if you pay for advertisements in Bitcoin.

Treehouse: Treehouse is an online education platform that accepts Bitcoin for subscriptions. It currently has about 70,000 active students who can learn new languages or programming platforms like Android, CSS, HTML, iOS, and Java.

OKCupid: Looking for love? OKCupid accepts Bitcoin on its matchmaking site and has done so since April 2013. Basic OKCupid subscriptions are free, although you can pay for the upgraded premium subscriptions in Bitcoin.

Suicide Girls: Suicide Girls, the online pin-up girl site, accepts payments with Bitcoin.

Namecheap: Buy domains and web hosting using Bitcoin at this popular online retailer.

Gaming Credits: Buy credits for Steam, Spotify, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and AirVPM using a company called BitcoinCodes.

Virtual Private Networks: Need a VPN? Many of today’s VPNs (some would even say most of today’s VPNs) now accept Bitcoin because VPN payments were recently blocked by PayPal and major credit card companies.

Bitcoin Gift Cards

Not all businesses accept Bitcoin. But there are some gift card makers that accept Bitcoin. You can buy real money gift cards with Bitcoin for retailers like Target, Nike, Amazon, and Walmart.

Popular Bitcoin-accepting gift card makers include Gyft, eGifter, iTradeBTC, and GiftCardZen, all of which have a wide range of options for users.

If you’re buying gift cards with Bitcoin, you can expect to pay a little bit more. Typically, prices are 10% to 15% higher than they would normally be.

Physical Retailers

A growing number of physical retailers now accept payments in Bitcoin. Popular physical retailers include:

REEDS Jewelers: US-based jewelry retailer accepts Bitcoin at its physical locations.

CeX: UK technology exchange and retailer with a Bitcoin-accepting retail location in Glasgow.

San Jose Earthquakes: This soccer team based in San Jose, California, accepts Bitcoin at its Buck Shaw Stadium. You can also use Bitcoin to pay for concessions at certain locations around the stadium.

Sacramento Kings: This NBA team doesn’t just let you pay for tickets with Bitcoin – it also lets you buy beer, jerseys, and hot dogs. BTC is accepted both online and at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California.

Medicover Group Hospital: If you’re ever in need of medical services in Poland, then Medicover Group’s hospitals have you covered. That group’s network of private hospitals accepts Bitcoin for a full range of healthcare services.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Turn your Bitcoins into more Bitcoins by gambling. Many gambling sites, including PeerBet, Primedice, and SatoshiDice, accept Bitcoin.

Concrete Assets

Trade your BTC for a more concrete asset by investing in gold bullion. Online resource trader Amagi Metals has accepted Bitcoin in exchange for precious metals since 2012. The company is based in Denver but anyone around the world can purchase gold bullion for Bitcoin.


Donate your BTC for a good cause. Certain charities now accept Bitcoin, including The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice, an NGO based in London.

Sean’s Outpost, a homeless shelter based in Pensacola, Florida, also accepts Bitcoin.

If you want to donate to Redditors, then you’ll find that Reddit.com has a full-fledged Bitcoin-commenting system. That system was once known as Bitcointip and found at /r/Bitcointip. That exchange has now moved to http://www.reddit.com/r/changetip. Basically, you can leave a comment in order to instantly tip a Redditor.

Hundreds of Other Smaller Retailers

The businesses listed above represent just a small sample of the hundreds of retailers who accept Bitcoin. Bitcoin is growing rapidly in popularity and tech-savvy businesses are quick to jump on board. We’ve tried to include all major retailers on this list, but don’t be surprised if you find some smaller businesses – both online and offline – accepting BTC.

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