Discover WHIRL, the blockchain platform for crowdfunding. The token sale is live and round one starts in about 3 days.

Market Problems WHIRL Seeks To Solve

Most Campaigns Fail

Nearly two-thirds of all crowdfunding campaigns end up unsuccessfully and the number keeps growing by the day. With too many campaigns in the market, it is difficult to track each of them, leading to missed deadlines and false promises.

Impractical For The Average Person

Most people find crowdfunding impractical. For those who run rewards-based campaigns, they have to spend all of their time on distracting tasks such as making a video, designing a t-shirt, and coming up with stretch goals. For those running donation-based campaigns, they have to beg friends and family for donations.

Geographic Discrimination

Crowdfunding is highly restricted by geography; different countries have their own platforms where they transact in fiat currencies with global banking restrictions. This fragmentation prevents quality backers from investing in quality campaigns.

The Rich Get Richer

It is hard for the average citizen to get noticed on mega-platforms. The greater majority of press and funding attention goes to the top 1% of projects, which usually have insider connections or corporate resources behind them.

The WHIRL Blockchain Social Crowdfunding Platform Solution

WHIRL seeks to offer solution to the above problems in the following ways:

Backing Other Projects

The platform will allow users to donate to campaigns directly with crypto or fiat. In return, they receive 7 karma points for each dollar they spend. For holders of WRL, which is the cryptocurrency accepted on WHIRL platform, they earn 10 karma points for each dollar they spend.

Earn Karma Points

Once a user earns 500 karma, they are eligible for submitting a new campaign of their own. They can also tell WHIRL more about their campaign and fill out a KYC form. A moderator will then review the campaign and if it complies with the site guidelines, it will be approved for the queue.

Take A Place In The Queue

WHIRL utilizes a fair and transparent queuing system that prioritizes those with most karma, but will not forget those that have been waiting for a long time. All the same, each campaign that gets into the queue must be listed.

WHIRL Benefits

Fundraising Guaranteed

WHIRL brings the entire community’s attention on your campaign. Crowdfunding success rates have plummeted over the last few years; WHIRL’s limited placements, the unique karma points incentive system, and global blockchain architecture, all flip the script and guarantee a successful raise.

Today You, Tomorrow Me

When you contribute to a campaign, you instantly receive karma points. When your turn comes to create a campaign, your karma points determine how quickly it moves through the queue and how much you can raise.

Powered By Blockchain

WHIRL accepts all major cryptocurrencies, infusing a substantial new source of capital into crowdfunding while reducing platform fees and doing away with global banking restrictions.

Socially Driven

In keeping with its broader mission of inspiring a whirlwind of change, WHIRL works closely with leading nonprofits and charities around the world, waiving fees, offering white glove support, and providing featured placement and backer bonus incentives.

WHIRL WRL Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

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