White Shark, New Millennial Trading App, Launches With High Demand

A new fintech company was launched this week: White Shark Fintech Inc. This company uses artificial intelligence to allow users to invest better in platforms that have high volatility like the cryptocurrency market.

The launch of this new program was very successful, as the company even had to create a waiting list to manage its user demand. the app is fully free to use and it takes speculation out of trading by using algorithms that signals when a certain volatile market is “over bought” or “over sold”. This helps the users because they do not have to keep guessing anymore.

A Millennial Trading App

The founder and chairman of the company, Marc Wade, has a definitive aim to get the attention of the millenials. He believes that this app can be empowering and engaging and that the millenials are the perfect users for it.

Described by Ryan Kesler, White Shark enthusiast, as a “game changer”, this tool uses machine learning algorithms and compile the trends of the market to look at prices and market conditions before other traditional indicators of the market.

This means that, by using this app, the users no longer will have to trade blind, according to the company. The creators believe that apps like this can be more effective than experts that make speculative and incorrect calls while this technology is not based on speculation.

At the moment, you can use this app on Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex and HitBTC.

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