In Toronto on May 3rd, 2018, Whiteblock Inc. made an announcement that they now have a blockchain testing-as-a-service (BTaaS), making it the first testing system for both blockchain and developers. It checks various performance standards, like the transactions per second and the consensus of multiple networks. Any developer that uses the BTaaS will have the opportunity to automate their processes, modify nodes, and other actions.

Whiteblock already has plenty of management experience, which speaks to how effective their new system will be in the industry. Their work is based off the Apposite Technologies’ platform, though the CEO of Whiteblock alone has over a decade of experience with both network testing and management.

The CEO, Neal Roche, states,

“Testing at scale is a bottleneck for many blockchain development teams who depend on test nets run by a small number of volunteers or a homogenous network. Having a partner who can leverage and provide large scale test networks allows development teams at companies of all sizes to quickly emulate real world conditions and run deterministic repeatable tests prior to going live.”

These services will be easy to introduce, and it can immediately be adapted to existing accounts. In fact, it hosts a bandwidth of 100 gbps and up to 1000 nodes. TransactIQ, who will partner with Whiteblock in their efforts, understands the needs of the blockchain, and aims to help make this process more streamlined.

As an added benefit, the company described Whiteblock’s new services as “agnostic,” in that it can be used with many different platforms with the same expediency as the real world. There are both existing nodes and the opportunity to use pre-configured profiles from systems like Ethereum and Hyperledger.

To learn more, watch the information video that Whiteblock has put together at https://vimeo.com/267326283, or visit the company’s official website at whiteblock.io.

Whiteblock – Overview With Founders from Zak Cole on Vimeo.

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