Whitestone WHS Coin ICO Review

The Whitestone Gallery is an art museum/studio located in Honk Kong. They’ve recently publicly announced their plans to start an ICO. The proceeds of the ICO are dedicated to the construction of the up and coming Art Trading Platform.

What is Whitestone WHS COIN?

The funds that are generated through the process of the Whitestone WHS Coin ICO, will be used and distributed according to the developing blockchain technology.

The purpose of the distributed appraised art trading platform will be to improve the interactions that occur among the different artists, lovers of art, their galleries, colleges that teach art, critics, collectors, auction houses and anything else in between. They’ve make it easier for artists to view each other’s art as well as the collectors.

The appreciation of art is the primary focus of the organization and it will help point artists and their followers in the right direction. It’s going to basically bring people in the art world together and enable trading and appreciation for the fine arts to be realistic.

Not only that, but the platform is designed to be a place where people can invest in various artists works and help to evaluate those who are lagging at an international level. While at the same time helping to spread the newer artists work around the globe. The already existing platform, gives nearly all control and profits to the middle agents – who in turn charge high fees to the sellers and collectors.

The platform is designed to help provide users with services that would otherwise be impossible or nearly so to achieve with the current regulations and system in place. It will also help to further reduce the fees that are operating right now and hurting the artists and collectors.

They are also making plans to offer art that has been appraised through various biometrics like fingerprints, including secret keys for the blockchains. The system is designed to genuinely solve any problems that are currently in challenging the industry.

What is the ICO on Whitestone Gallery?

Token holders will benefit in several ways. They’ll gain an entry ticket to the Karuizawa New Art Museum. Along with that, they’ll get a reward purchase benefit at the Whitestone Gallery located in Tokyo with the following bonuses:

  • Holders of 100 tokens or more · · · 10% discount
  • Holders of 200 tokens or more · · · 15% discount
  • Holders of 500 tokens or more · · · 20% discount
  • ※ Procured art by fund raised by ICO is included
  • ※ Some artworks are not included in award list

There will also be original artwork given out. They’ll give it mostly to the token holders, and the art will be made by famous artists. The ICO is said to run from the end of January till the beginning of April. There will also be bonus tokens given out to the top investors of the ICO.

About Whitestone Gallery

The company was founded in 1967, and has dealt with many various works from some of the most popular modern and contemporary artists. They’ve participated in organizing different art projects by pioneering the different art galleries and creating exhibitions on a nationwide scale. This includes various solo and group exhibitions, as well as many of the more comprehensive ones created by writers and setup by larger stores or institutions.

The goal is to expand the business development surrounding art and its market, while participating in different events all over the world and opening various stores in Asia. The 50-year anniversary of the foundation will be known as the first year of reform. And it will integrate FinTech with the Art Business and help the world realize a new level of art, along with helping buyers and sellers make safe transactions.

To learn more about the development of the project, you can see it at the White Stone Gallery Hong Kong website where funds are being raised.

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