Whizz Coin

Have you heard about a new cryptocurrency company called Whizz Coin? If you have any doubts about the risks and advantages of investing in this kind of service, you have come to the right place. In this review, we'll evaluate if Whizz Coin is a good service for you or not and describe what kinds of services it offers for its customers.

What Is Whizz Coin?

Self-titled as the “future of cryptocurrency“, this new service tries to differentiate itself from the other companies by allowing its users to use the service for multi-functions.

Whizz Coin is not only a cryptocurrency, but also offers services like Whizz Coin Wallets, Fund Management, and even the Whizz Card, a debit card you can use anywhere.

Whizz Coin Wallets & Fund Management

The most prominent feature about Whizz Coin is that it serves as both a wallet and a fund management service. With the Whizz Coin Wallet, you have a wallet which can exchange and send money to someone. It has features like multi-blockchain support and completely free p2p transfers between Whizz users.

The other feature of this company is the Whizz Edge, the fund management platform. With the help of Whizz Edge, users can be in charge of the investment of other users. You can use both the wallet and the fund management service at the same time.

The Whizz Card

One of the services offered by Whizz Coin is the Whizz Card. It is, basically, a debit card you can use anywhere instead of money.

It's said to offer “the best exchange rates” without additional fees.

With the help of the Whizz Card, you don't have to worry about exchange rates, because the service automatically converts your cryptocurrency into the currency you want to use in that moment. You can also use to withdraw currency anywhere in the world whenever you need it.

The Whizz Card will be launched in the first quarter of 2018 and it will be ordered through the Whizz Wallet app once it is released.

The Whizz Coin ICO

The Whizz Coin platform is launching an ICO soon. The exchange rates of the ICO are as follows:

  • 1 ETH for 600 WHZ tokens
  • 1 BTC for 8500 WHZ tokens
  • 1 BCH for 1050 WHZ tokens

There's also a Pre-ICO sale going on at the time of this report. If you buy WHZ tokens while it is still active, you will receive 20% bonus tokens (1 BTC for 10200 WHZ tokens, for example). So, if you want to invest in Whizz Coin, now is the time.

Whizz Coin Verdict

Whizz Coin is an interesting option for users who need both the advantages of a fund management and a cryptocurrency wallet service and a crypto debit card. It is a complete service that will please people that like to have many services in one place.

If you want to invest in a service that aggregates all a range of different cryptocurrency services, Whizz Coin might be for you.

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