The rise of social media brought a new wave of an unprecedented marketing strategy based on the platforms. If you are aware of social media influencers, then you are probably conversant with how marketing takes place on the social sites. The brands and influencers often work hand-in-hand to ensure that marketing in a particular field ends up victorious on social media.

However, keeping abreast with the influencers and brands is often a challenge as it becomes exceedingly strenuous to have a comprehensive database for all the participants in the marketing field. While at the same, there is also the challenge of connecting the influencers to the right brands and helping them monetize their social media activity, appropriately.

As we will get to see, the decentralized nature of blockchain could prove beneficial in bridging the gap between the brands and influencers and ultimately improve the social media marketing experience. Here one blockchain platform set to provide a stage for brands and influencers to develop on marketing campaign performances.

What Is Whyral?

WHYRAL is a distributed blockchain platform that intends to create a hassle-free portal from where social media influencers and brands can have access to each other. The platform will work with an AI engine to evaluate an influencer's online profile and rank them accordingly to enable a right match to brands. Additionally, WHYRAL will utilize the blockchain technology to have a have a solution to some of the challenges facing the social media marketing sector. Some of these challenges will border on the security, relationship, interaction, and ROI between the influencers and the companies.

How Whyral Viral Social Influencers & Brands Coin Works

WHYRAL will utilize its platform features to create a robust ecosystem that will benefit participants within the social media marketing sector. Key among the leading elements include

The Whyral Token-

The platform's leading cryptocurrency (WHYRAL) will facilitate the smart contracts and storage of marketing data which could be put to use for further processing.

Artificial Intelligence Portal-

With all the data from the marketing campaigns, WHYRAL will work under an AI system with machine learning capabilities to provide for a ranking system and recommendations to the influencers on how they can improve the marketing performance

Smart Analytics Portal-

The performance analytics will work with several intelligent tools to analyze and justify the ROI for the influencers or the brands.

A Distributed Structure-

The whole WHYRAL system will work under a decentralized structure with users able to transact without the need for a third-party entity.

Whyral WRL Token ICO Details

The Whyral is rolling out their ICO in 3 stages. The pre-sale for the WRL token started on April 15th with a 50% bonus. The public ICO 1 starts on June 3rd with a 25% bonus. The public ICO 2 starts on July 3rd with a 7% bonus and the public ICO 3 will begin on July 28th at the regular price.

Allocation Of Funds

  • Marketing: 42%
  • Operations: 20%
  • Research & Development: 35%
  • Legal: 3%

Why Use Whyral?

The use of WHYRAL could have a long-term impact on how social media marketing takes place. Consequently, changing the industry and a majority of the industry could make a huge difference and ultimately benefit the influencers and brands. Here are the leading changes I expect with the adoption of WHYRAL

  • Improved brand outreach to a worldwide ready audience on the platform
  • Influencers get to monetize their channel with full profits
  • The performance evaluation is essential is checking for the right individuals for the campaigns
  • The trustless system build on smart contracts eliminates trust issues
  • Brands get a database of influencers to choose from and partner.

However, despite all these potential benefits, WHYRAL could still face the risks of regulations, competition from other ventures and low adoption among the relevant participants.

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