Soon you’ll be able to spend bitcoin on a Big Mac – at least, according to odds released by a UK bookmaker this past week.

Betting giant Betway has released odds on which major corporations are going to start accepting bitcoin in 2018. McDonald’s is leading the way as one of the restaurants most likely to begin accepting bitcoin in 2018.

McDonald’s has been given 1/2 odds, while retail giant Argos has been given 4/5 odds. British Airways has been set at 1/3, while Amazon have been given odds of 6/4 by Betway.

That makes McDonald’s the odds on favorite to add bitcoin. It means Betway expects the fast food giant to start accepting bitcoin for Big Macs in the UK before the end of 2018.

Betway also branched across the pond to US retail giant Walmart, which has been given odds of 1/5 in accepting bitcoin before the end of 2018.

Betway also released odds on the price of bitcoin, including whether or not bitcoin will hit $20,000 by the end of 2018.

McDonald’s Has No Official Plans to Accept Bitcoin

When Betway released the odds earlier today, there was a flurry of social media activity. Crypto Daily published an article online stating, “McDonalds to accept Bitcoin by 2018”, for example. Others picked up on the frenzy, and many people assumed that the news was official.

Unfortunately for McDonalds lovers, the company has no official plans to accept bitcoin. The company hasn’t issued any official statement on the matter, and no news has been leaked from the company about plans to accept bitcoin.

Nevertheless, odds-makers always know – and right now, McDonald’s has some of the best odds in the UK for being the next major business to accept bitcoin.

Which Retailers Will Accept Bitcoin Before the End of 2018?

According to Betway, here are the likelihoods of various UK, US, and international retailers accepting bitcoin before the end of 2018:

  • Walmart: 1/5
  • British Airways: 1/3
  • McDonald’s: ½
  • Argos: 4/5
  • Amazon: 6/4
  • Easyjet: 7/4
  • Apple: 5/2
  • Primark: 3/1
  • John Lewis: 7/2
  • National Rail: 4/1
  • Greggs: 10/1
  • Poundland: 10/1

How Much Would a Big Mac Cost in Bitcoin?

Of course, the next major hurdle would be to figure out how many Bitcoins a Big Mac would cost. Would bitcoin be added to The Economist’s famous Big Mac Index? Would McDonalds account for higher transaction fees on the bitcoin network? Would there be a minimum purchase requirement? Would McDonald’s accept other cryptocurrencies – like Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin?

All of these questions will need to be answered long before McDonalds starts to accept bitcoin. For now, we have no official confirmation or news regarding McDonald’s and bitcoin in 2018 – but the oddsmakers are clearly paying attention.

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