Will Token

Death is unavoidable but it is also important to ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones beforehand to allow them to continue with life even when you are gone.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your stored or purchased cryptocurrencies in case something unexpected such as death or injury happened to you? You might also wonder if it is possible to appoint your next of kin or loved one to inherit your crypto investments.

Another important thing to consider is if there is anyone who can be appointed to undertake such a process. You need someone you can trust to ensure the wealth you have accumulated over the years reaches your loved ones.

What Is Will Token?

Will Token hopes to build such a platform and be the trusted third party that ensures your crypto inheritance is managed with confidence, faith, and trust. The Will token is an integrated platform that allows the investor to put particular procedures to ensure that transfer of their crypto wealth will reach the beneficiaries in a seamless, automatic manner with no interference from third parties. This process is completed with no loss of time and value of the crypto investments.

How Will Token Digitrust Decentralized Crypto Asset Settlement Service Works

After carefully studying the market, the Will token platform was developed. It is based on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, hyper-Ledger, and other innovative technologies. The platform will provide complete crypto wealth access and settlement service to crypto investors worldwide.

The platform will offer a safe beneficiary nomination and transfer of the assets to the beneficiary process. This whole process will be seamless and very transparent ensuring that the secured information is not shared with third parties even those with the Will token platform.

The mission of this platform is to build an environment where crypto investors can build their wealth and empower their beneficiaries to inherit this crypto wealth when they are no longer around. The goal of Will Token is to come up with an easy, fully automated, easy to apply, non-invasive crypto wealth assignment, and a settlement service for crypto investors globally.

The system will integrate with entities such as exchanges and e-wallets enabling investors to transfer their wealth in these entities to their beneficiaries. The investor has the freedom to disclose or not disclose the investment portfolio to his clients.

The Will token system will get the investment details using the grant of probate and start the process of identifying the beneficiaries. Once they are identified, their authenticity will be verified and the transfer will be executed using different options including an execution order, court order, or letter of administration.

In the future, the platform hopes to introduce the Will writing services, appointment of trustees and executors, the management of assets and wealth, and inheritance and settlement services that will be based on blockchain technology.

Will Token ICO Details

The WILL token is an ERC20 token compatible with the Ethereum network. The total tokens available are 500,000,000 and 250,000,000 will be available for sale during the crowd sale. Each token is valued at 1WILL=$0.10. The public sale will start on 1st June 2018. Investors can use different payment options to pay for the tokens including BTC, ETH, LTC, and DASH. The platform has not set a minimum contribution and any amount you wish to buy is acceptable.

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