William Shatner, best known for portraying Captain Kirk in the famous Sci-Fi series Star Trek recently appeared on Fast Money on CNBC. He shared views on his involvement in Bitcoin mining and solar-powered business advancements.

Shatner, at the very beginning, clarifies his lack of any deep-level knowledge on ‘how to mine Bitcoin’. He only claims to have powered the computers that mine Bitcoin. In his opinion, crypto-mining appears to be a ‘strange area’ for everybody.

Shatner has moved from being a navigating the Universe to exploring the cryptoverse. He is the spokesperson for Solar Alliance, a company that’s about to build the world’s first Solar Powered Bitcoin Mining Facility in Illinois.

Shatner states that he has got into solar power because of his interest in the environment. He solarised his house using Solar Alliance. Then he started to speak to the company’s CEO, Jason Bak, a Canadian citizen.

He makes familiar references to comparing the current cryptocurrency ecosystem to back in California Gold Rush. However, he and in his company are not interested in the gold itself. They are providing Pick Axes, which is in this case electricity to the miners. They are converting an old power plant into the solar-powered operations.

When pressed about why the company isn’t powering homes instead of bitcoin mining, Shatner says that many jobs are being offered due to this operation. Murphysboro, the town where the plant was a former Coal Town, however, now it has become a hub for green power.

It was a few years back when the celebrity had addressed Bitcoin as ‘cyber snob currency’ in a tweet. However, his recently visible efforts at encouraging Bitcoin mining through solar power tell a different tale.

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