What Is Winances?

All Winances Services (Winances) is an ICO facilitator that is launching its own token focused on international trade and financing. Their blockchain token (AWS) will enable the company’s expansion into providing cryptofinance and other business services to commerce and industry.

Winances has streamlined the process required to bring tokens or ICOs to market, get them listed and quickly issued, once a client has satisfied the basic Know Your Customer (KYC) and other Anti Money Laundering legislation pertinent to their offer.

The company is essentially launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform geared towards traditional business trading and financing needs, and the development team have plans to eventually add fiat currencies to the offering. Listing on an exchange is a singular hurdle for many ICOs and the company is offering a highly tailored, cryptocurrency-focused platform to facilitate what is emerging as the new crowdfunding model.

Life on the blockchain is making waves globally with myriad business entities looking to the technology for solutions to current inefficiencies. As more and more existing and startup companies either seek to develop blockchain-based technology or run with the emerging funding model of ICO tokens, Winances is looking to position themselves as the go-to outfit to make the process as sleek and professional as possible.

Which Issues Is Winances Looking To Address?

A lot of ICOs launch every day across the globe, and many of them lack an exchange listing solution. In addition, many outfits launch ICOs with poor presentation and little real, clear knowledge of what they’re doing and hoping to achieve.

Responsiveness is another big issue, with many ICOs suffering less than optimum uptake because of slow support responses, poor presentation and a less than seamless roll in the venture capital space. Many outfits also lack the basic requirements to be seen as a professional offer, with bank accounts and a comprehensive business and marketing plans quite often absent or presented as substandard fare for investors’ needs.

The Winances Certified Listings For ICO Coins Solution

Winances will assist those who seek to invest as well as those who seek to invest in and list their own projects. Offering templates for ICOs and tailoring packages to suit those who seek to issue a token and have it positioned for trade, the company can also simply run their clients through their simple and rapid listing procedure. Fees are competitive and the wealth of information Winances brings to any project of this nature is the value-add the company is pitching in its ICO.

By buying a minimum of the 10000 AWS tokens and assuming a clean audit, clients can be listed within 48 hours. Employing KYC and AML as the basis for the auditing process, the company offers a quick and legitimate authentication process to satisfy current legislation. Winances will publicly display requests for information and other data it feels is relevant to the listing process, adopting a hugely transparent and above-board approach from the start.

The company is aiming at a global market, offering support in a number of languages that include English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi and Filipino. Possibly the most alluring component of the offer for investors is the “ Listing Certified” Label, a certification the exchange will issue to all of its clients listing with them.

Looking ahead, it’s obvious that they see themselves as filling a growing void of authenticity often lacking in the new cryptocurrency arena. In a market where trust is crucial, the company’s rubber stamp could emerge as the basic requirement of an ICO in the future, very much like ratings agencies currently vet companies and countries. The company will allow for an ICO to be launched and listed within 30 days, a genuine streamlining of the current rather vague notions often displayed by new ICOs.

Winances AWS Token ICO Snapshot

  • Token Type: Utility
  • Platform: ERC20/Ethereum
  • Symbol: AWS
  • Token Sale: 13 April 2018
  • Token Supply:  250,000,000 fixed
  • Tokens Available for Sale: 200,000,000
  • Price: Sliding scale beginning at 1 AWS = $ 0.00036 based on volume purchased
  • Sale ends: 10 June 2018

Tokens traded initially will be BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO (ANS), TrueUSD, IVI ( and the AWS (All Winances Services Token). The company has opted for a limited number of tokens in a bid to stick to highly reputable and tradable currencies, going to their fundamental ethos of authenticity and credibility.

Who Is Behind Winances?

The core Winances team comprises CEO F. Danan, MD L. LA. Cam, Ecosystem developer A. Vinal and UX developer Priti Singh. F. Guil. Vert is on board as a Marketing Adviser and Deepak Kumar as Project Manager.

The company’s website details roles and previous experience of the team and together with the whitepaper, presentation is streamlined yet professional with sufficient relevant detail advertising their abilities for prospective clients. Although the company’s whitepaper mentions working according to Hong Kong standard time”, other details on incorporation and residence are unfortunately absent from the available data, an unfortunate omission for this company in particular – assuming, once again, that the paperwork is in order and nothing is amiss.

Winances Conclusion

The AWS token is, in a nutshell, a template offering, looking to business needs and presenting fast, ready-made solutions that nonetheless can be tailored to maximum effectiveness for individual clients. At the forefront of blockchain-enabled business, the company’s offer should be well received, positioned as it is to generate revenue from any one of literally millions of potential clients in the coming years. There are also bonus offers for early investors and a well-structured target and allocated spend to their ICO.

Early investors who see the value of facilitation in the whole token arena – a growing and highly dynamic space – will no doubt be rewarded by buying into this ICO. It may take a while for substantial returns to come in, but both the business model and the solutions Winances are providing are valuable, well-packaged and eminently desirable to many seeking to streamline their token issue. Taking a longer term view, the company’s pitch for verification authority is something that always takes time to develop, yet much like Standard & Poor and Fitch, agencies of that nature are slow in coming but almost impossible to dislodge once sitting on top of the pile.

Investors are advised to put the company’s responsiveness to the test and ask for incorporation and location and any other details needed to establish authenticity prior to buying in.

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