WindMiner ecoToken XPS ICO Review

WindMiner ecoToken XPS are backed with mining and free green electricity from wind turbines. The XPS ICO started on January and ends in about 11 days. You still have the opportunity to become part of this great community.

Overview of WindMiner ecoToken XPS

The XPS is a rather promising project. There is no secret that a large number of people have interest in the process of cryptocurrency mining. The crypto-currency rate is constantly growing, so the investment in this kind of currency is in great demand.

The XPS team would like to use this innovation establishing XPs ecotoken, which is a smart contract based on the electronic platform ETHEREUM and allows every member of our project to maximize his or her benefits.

XPS Background

The developers of XPs token are crypto-enthusiasts and they began mining crypto-currency more than two years ago. At first, it was a kind of a hobby, but later they noticed that the rate of currency was rapidly growing and the hobby turned into a rather profitable way of making money.

Initially, they mined crypto-currency using their personal computers. Then they replaced PCs with videocards and this measure brought much more money. The next step of the already high-income business was a purchase of ASIC-miners as they were the most convenient mining equipment.


Mining income on ASIC-miners appeared to be much higher as compared to the same on videocards. However, 15% – 30% of net profit (which depended on the chosen mining way and the kind of mining coin) went to electricity costs. Taking into consideration the large mining output, it was a large sum of money.

For example, to mine $10, 000, 000 per month they had to pay $1, 500, 000 – $3, 000, 000 for electricity. As you can see, it was a high cost. After they realized it had been a rather unprofitable thing, the team came up with the idea of how to reduce our expenses.

Saving on Mining Costs

To realize their project they have already bought a piece of land for building an autonomous mining centre. Constant green winds in this area and wind turbines will provide the centre with the needed green energy to function properly. Issued XPs ecotokens will finance the purchase of ASIC – miners at prices of manufacturer, the purchase of wind turbines and proper functioning of the mining centre.

Let us look at calculations:

The price for a 60KW wind turbines is $60 000; – an ASIC-miner L3+ consumes 0.85 KW/h. So, one wind turbine supplies 70 ASIC-miners with energy.

Similarly, 50 wind turbines provide 3500 ASIC-miners L3+ with continued work, of which the total return in this case would be $1 670 000 per year. If we get power from a power station, we will pay for electricity $330 000 per month, which is 20% of net profit. In case of using wind turbines, the expected savings exceed $4,000,000 per year.

It means that purchasing wind turbines at $3,000,000 will amortize investments made in the project less than for 10 months. The profit from mining will be spent on the XPs ecotokens. It will provide continuous rise in the cost of a token itself.

The launch of a fully autonomous mining center will happen in June 2018.

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