WinFlow is the first ever fully transparent and non-profit live betting platform that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain technologies. Seeking to create an entirely new betting experience, the platform offers in-game multiplayer contests and play-by-playing betting that leading sports platforms have maximized on creating crazy profit margins. Unlike these companies, WinFlow will have a Win Back Rewards platform, which will redistribute back tokens to all its users based on the total betting losses and handles.

WinFlow Core Competence

WinFlow will operate on a decentralized environment that will give bettors worldwide the advantages of a non-centralized system. The platform will not be prone to manipulation, which often leads to freezing of a player’s funds, fund misappropriation, and operator control over wagers.

WinFlow goes ahead to address the problems of minimal product innovation in live betting, which, despite surpassing pre-game betting in the total stakes-placed (over 60%), has had minimal improvements over the years. This will be through their live wagering products that will be available to users from time to time including FlashBets, Goal Rush, and WinCast.

WinFlow offers the best of both worlds for sports fans and bettors who have embraced cryptocurrencies. Not only will they get to the game but will also have a stable and reliable platform, which focuses on their interests rather than that of a betting company or its shareholders. Nominal reward programs and incentives that will be a norm for users of WinFlow is a revolutionary aspect for the site, which will enable them to gain millions of users from traditional operators who offer little or nothing to their clients.

User Control

Users will have full control of their funds at WinFlow, which is the exact opposite of what betting companies do—take control of the money placed in an account. Operators always make charges when withdrawing such funds but WinFlow will have a free market system where they can remove any funds that are not on an active bet anytime. The only time the system will play a role is when crediting a winning bet or collecting lost bets. Besides, bets are settled immediately at WinFlow using SGX oracle systems, Ethereum smart contracts, and custom state channels, which work instantly.

How WinFlow Will Operate As A Non-profit Betting Platform

Different from traditional betting companies that need many employees to manage their systems and work in various departments, with the use of blockchain technology by WinFlow there will be no need for these costly ventures. This in itself will create a pool of funds, which the company will make available to its users through rewards.

The company will also create, at the very beginning, a reserve pool based on the number of tokens sold during the ICO that is set to start on 27 February 2018 and end on 28 March 2018. Similarly, this could happen when 280 million WIN tokens have been issued to the public together with bonus tokens. This reserve amount will be maintained using actuarial reserve methods the will determine optimal amounts of reserve eliminating all risks of insolvency.

WinFlow WIN ICO Details

Investors in the WIN Tokens will gain from their continually upgrading value, which will be made possible by a system lock that will not allow minting of further tokens in the future. The team tokens will then be released on a milestone-based vesting schedule when the company reaches market caps of $100m, $250m, $500m, $750m, and $1b where 20% of these tokens will be released over a 12-month period incrementally.

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