Cryptocurrency is overwhelming for a lot of consumers, especially because there are plenty of companies that look incredibly similar. In fact, the exchange rate barely has pennies of difference between each platform. Because of these differences, someone that is new to these types of investments will probably struggle to find where their first investment should be. The creators of Winnercoin try to make it simpler.

What Is Winnercoin?

Winnercoin has a lot of the same benefits that are generalized through each project. However, their crass and “blunt” attitude seems to be their main appeal to younger and brassier investors. Their main claim is that their coin will survive the damage that threatens every other company because personal gain motivates them. With promotion of the coin through word-of-mouth and social media inclusion, the coins gain value.

Even with the frankness of the website, the only way that the website will thrive is with participation from consumers. Basically, the company relies entirely on their upcoming popularity to have any kind of value. However, the substantial profanity on the website is enough to deter dedicated and serious investors that do not appreciate the lack of professionalism.

Winnercoin WNR ICO Details

The token that is exchanged on the website is WNR, which can be purchased during the sale on the website. This sale will start in the first quarter of 2018, but consumers will need to first by ETH tokens to transfer and convert into WNR.

During the existence of Winnercoin, consumers will have a limit of 4,000,000,000 that will be circulated. The crowd sale will be limited to 2,000,000,000, so consumers will need to invest as soon as possible to get the best rate for them. The only downside is that the website does not state exactly what the exchange rate is from ETH to WNR.

The Forum On Winnercoin

To help people talk more about Winnercoin, the website offers an online forum. This forum allows consumers to ask questions about the coin, to discuss the platform, or even just to gossip about issues in pop culture. However, that is about everything that the website acts as.

The forum also features a section that consumers can discuss the ICO, and to ask for help to promote the coins.

Contacting Winnercoin

Even with the full whitepaper available to the website, consumers may still have other questions that they want to bring up with Winnercoin. Surprisingly, there is no email address, which is something that most platforms prefer. However, consumers can actually call the creators directly at (567) 623-9677.

Winnercoin No BS Summary

There’s so little information on the website about Winnercoin. There is plenty of details that include profanity, and details about the way that the user can “win” with the tokens. There’s limited information about the way the system works at all, if it does. Anything that consumers will be able to learn about how to actually make a profit will have to be found through the discussions on the forum, or by calling the company.

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