WinStars is new online gambling company that uses the blockchain technology. Since last year many companies in this niche have been starting to use this technology as it enables them to offer better and more transparent services to their customers, so WinStars is another one of them.

This company was created to break the illusion of transparency that many online casinos have and to divide the profits with the users. It wants to create a system that is fully decentralized and really matters to the community.

How Does WinStars Work?

The company’s goal is to offer something that can attract people who are not even gamblers and still be able to give transparency and security to everyone. That is made by using the blockchain technology to create smart contracts. These smart contracts are used on random number generation for the games and smart contracts.

The smart contracts are used to pay transactions in a way that the users can clearly see that the company is not robbing their money. This is important and many companies have started to do it recently because there were a lot of gambling scams in the recent past.

The system is simple, transparent and you can check your history of bets and games because they will stay on the blockchain forever. WinStars is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The company believes that this blockchain will enable it to give more possibilities for the users to earn money and to create new kinds of games.

Another strategy of the company to create a loyal user base and maintain its community is to give random tokens to the users of the community. This way, if they participate, they will have a chance of gaining money for doing so.

The WinStars Ecosystem

The ecosystem of the company is formed by token holders, players, partners and investors. The investors and partners bring money and players to the platform and earn money for that. The company currently has a referral system ready to be used on the platform. This referral system will reward with 5% to 1% the people who bring new users to the platform.

The token holders, on the other hand, will help to maintain the structure of the platform as it uses the Ethereum blockchain as a basis. As a reward, some of the profit will be shared with the token holders that will stake their tokens to maintain the network.

The final piece of this equation is the players. They will be able to play with full transparency and will be the main driving force of the system because they playing the games will be the motor that will make the system work.

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The WinStars (WINS) Token Sale

WinStars will be selling its WINS tokens soon. The pre-ICO will have a supply of 22,500,000 WINS tokens and the main sale will sell 80,500,000 WINS tokens from the total supply of 150,000,000 tokens.

The pre-sale will start on May 10 and it will last until May 20. The main ICO will begin soon after that, happening from June 3 to July 3. You can buy each WINS token for $0.16 USD during the pre-ICO and $0.20 USD later. The soft cap of the first phase will be $500,000 USD and $5,000,000 USD for the main phase.

  • Token Symbol: WINS
  • Token Pre-Sale Starts: May 10, 2018
  • Token Pre-Sale Ends: May 20, 2018
  • Token Pre-Sale Price: 1 WINS = $0.16
  • Token Sale Starts: June 03, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: July 03, 2018
  • Token Price: 1 WINS = $0.20
  • Total Supply: 150.000.000 WINS
  • Pre ICO Soft Cap: $500.000
  • ICO Soft Cap: $5.000.000

The WinStars Verdict

Unfortunately, it would be an exaggeration to say that WinStars is a great company for you to invest or use. Can it be a good gambling platform? Sure! In fact, by using Ethereum as its blockchain, it is actually on pair with many other interesting platforms of this niche. The negative point is exactly this same one: do we need another Ethereum-based gambling platforms?

We have seen dozens of these platforms since last year. Another one is just going to be… another one. Because of this, do not consider WinStars to be your best choice right now because there are other established Ethereum-based gambling companies.


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