WiredCoins promises to offer safe and lucrative bitcoin investments – which seems to be a contradiction of terms. Find out how WiredCoins works today in our review.

What Is WiredCoins?

WiredCoins, found online at WiredCoins.com, is a bitcoin investment scheme that claims to provide you with ridiculously high returns. The company advertises “investments” that pay you 0.15% to 0.20% hourly “forever”. That’s right: with no work, skills, experience, or risk required, you can earn ROIs of 1752% per year (not taking compound interest rates into account).

Obviously, when a company advertises ROIs as high as this, you can be 100% certain that you’re being scammed. That lesson is doubly true when the company is dealing with bitcoin – which is the case with WiredCoins.

How Does WiredCoins Work?

WiredCoins claims to offer 0.15% to 0.20% hourly returns, guaranteed, for the rest of your life. You give the company money, then they pay you an enormous return on your investment until you’re ready to withdraw. There are no limits to how much money you can make. The minimum investment starts at 0.001 BTC, in which case you make 0.15% per hour. If you invest 5 BTC, you’ll earn 0.20% per hour.

How does WiredCoins make this much money? What’s the secret behind the success of WiredCoins? How are they generating such high guaranteed returns?

The company claims to have designed “a simple and lucrative investment portfolio”. They provide no further details about their investment goals, or how their investments generate such ridiculously high returns.

Based on all of the information we can find on WiredCoins.com, the company seems to work as a Ponzi scheme: they collect investments from investors, promise them enormous returns, then eventually collapse when enough people try to claim a deposit. We can’t find any information to suggest that WiredCoins is a legitimate investment opportunity.

Who’s Behind WiredCoins?

WiredCoins lists an address in London as its office. However, we can’t find any information to suggest that WiredCoins is actually based at that address (6 Ben Jonson Road). We’ve seen a growing trend of bitcoin scams using fake London-area addresses in an effort to seem legitimate, and that seems to be the case with WiredCoins.

Aside from that single address, we only have a phone number (+44 20 3514 8777) and an email address ([email protected]) with which to contact the company. We can’t find any additional information about who’s running the company, or why they’re qualified to handle your investment.

WiredCoins launched online in July 2017.

Obviously, if a company refuses to tell you any information about itself, but asks you to give up to 5 BTC ($22,000 USD+), then that’s a certain sign you’re being scammed.

WiredCoins Conclusion

WiredCoins is an obvious bitcoin scam that promises to pay you an enormous amount of money with no work, risk, or experience required. You just give the company money, and they magically turn it into more money. The company only accepts bitcoin as a deposit method, and they refuse to disclose any information about themselves online – like who’s running the company, or how they claim to make such high ROIs from investments.

In reality, WiredCoins is a scam that will likely disappear with investors’ money as soon as they’ve collected enough deposits. We can find no evidence suggesting it’s a legitimate investment opportunity.

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