Wirex Announces its Exclusive Cryptoback Program

If you wanted to have a Wirex bitcoin debit card, the waiting is over. In a news piece uploaded by Wirex on May the 8th, they announced that they will be delivering their debit cards in Europe in the next days (delivery in the UK has already began).

“No more waiting lists. No more delays. No more ‘when are cards available?!’ Delivery in the UK begins today and card orders for the rest of Europe begin next week. We’ve revamped, rejuvenated and rejigged our offering and brought it back stronger and better than ever,” reads the news piece released by Wirex.

Full List Of Wirex's Announcements

Contactless Bitcoin Debit Cards

The company will bring a new Bitcoin debit card to the market that will have some interesting features. The first one is that the new card will be contactless, trying to make the payment process as wireless as possible.

Debit Not Pre-Paid

The second announcement is that it is a debit card and not a pre-paid one. Individuals will get an account number and sort code. In this way, they will be able to spend the money they have in the account with the card.

Accepted Globally

The third important feature is that it can be used everywhere around the world where Visa is accepted. There are more than million shops and stores where to buy using Visa cards. At the same time, users can quickly exchange between currencies (USD, GBP, and EUR), depending where they are.

Improved Security

Moreover, they will be improving their security features. Secure payments, the company says, are standard. Wirex has upped the advanced in-app security with chip & pin as an alternative payment verification method and the ability to block and unblock the card from the application.

Cryptoback Rewards Program

Finally, one of the most exciting things that Wirex is announcing, is the exclusive Cryptoback program. For every single in-store purchase that users make, they will receive 0.5% back (redeemable in Bitcoin).

The company wrote:

“The Wirex card is the perfect addition to our ever-evolving personal finance platform. Plus, (for a limited time) it’s 100% FREE to order. No cost for the card and no delivery charge either. It’s our way of saying Thank You to the community for your patience and understanding over the past few months as our business and development teams have worked their socks off to rebuild the Wirex platform for the future.”


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