Wirex Wallet To Expand By Accepting Ripple's XRP Coin To Crypto Lineup

Wirex wallet is a desktop and smartphone compatible device, and it allows consumers to store a wide range of crypto tokens. A recent report suggested that Wirex would start to include XRP with their selection, though Pavel Matveev confirmed the report on Twitter. His post read, “First look at the Wirex #XRP wallet.. It’s coming sooner than you think.”

Late last year, SBI Holdings and Wirex Wallet joined forces to help improve the adoption of Bitcoin throughout the industry. Japanese consumers already have been working with Wirex for some time, giving them a certain level of comfort in its use.

Matveev, who is the CEO of Wirex, said,

“Japanese customers use our VISA-backed cryptocurrency debit card more regularly than anywhere else in the world. They deserve a Yen denominated card soon and we will deliver it to them.”

The co-founder of Wirex, Dmitry Lazarichev, also had plenty to say about the partnership, speaking primarily on the way that the SBI Group benefits them. He said,

“The SBI Group has a clear vision and in-depth understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We have been selective in the process of looking for the right investor, and finding the best possible fit is important for us. Our customers will greatly benefit from this collaboration.”

Anyone that has a been involved in the financial world knows the major role of SBI Group in Japan, as it is one of the biggest banking groups in the country. They have a crypto exchange that they have just launched, which is run by CEO Yoshitaka Kitao, who is an XRP enthusiast. When he participated in a joint interview with Ripple, he said,

“Not only does it have a clear use case, XRP is faster, cheaper and more scalable than any other digital asset. I strongly believe it will become the global standard in digital currencies.”

This joint effort between SBI Group and Wirex followed an investment of $3 million from SBI. They want to help Ripple “build up its expertise in the DLT and cryptocurrency realm.” However, there are talks of how the introduction of XRP may help to make the coin more mainstream, hopefully without the negative stigma that has been around lately for it.

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