What Is WiryCoin?

This is another smart lending platform that is backed by Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining. You can learn more at wyrycoin.com. And there is also a whitepaper listing on the website that you can read to learn more about the company than you will on this review.

How Does WiryCoin Lending & Crypto Mining Work?

The Ethereum mining project is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world as far as market capitalization after only Bitcoin. Ethereum has grown in popularity, thereby increasing its value at a very steady rate. The price of Ethereum has been climbing since the start and that doesn’t seem be changing.

There’s a lot of opportunity for making money with Ethereum has been around since 2015. There’s a lot more room for growth right now with Ether than with Bitcoin. Wirycoin only uses Ethereum mining services.

The Bitcoin mining operating is another great money-making opportunity. It was the first place in which the blockchain technology was released. It gave people a different type of empowerment, by allowing them to finally move value from place without the use of a financial institutions. There are also Bitcoin miners that are used in full support of the blockchains. Wyrycoin has their own bitcoin and Ethereum mining operations as well.

Investors who get started with the company will gain interest in a couple different ways. Either they will earn interest either by lending or by joining the lending platform. Money made from the program is earned via BTC and ETH mining operation the company is running. Anyone who invests will get paid out by joining one of the two mining corporations.

The Wirycoin can be used for lending the token, to trade, hold, or invest into BTC or ETH mining. Either way, you’ll be able to earn interest, make money fast via trading, gain profit through capital, or get paid out from one of the two mining operations.

The smart lending program promises high ROIs at rates anywhere from 2.1% –13.5%. You’ll earn interest via the smart lending program, currently backed by Ethereum and Bitcoin mining. Your money and your interest are then paid out at one time, during the time of maturity occurring.

WiryCoin WRC ICO Details

The company accepts bitcoin and Ethereum and is in pre-sale ICO – it ends in a little more than eight days at the time of this writing. The tokens are the fuel of the company and designed to be lent on the platform or gained through mining. The developers of the platform have called it smart lending. And that is short for Sustainable, Manageable Accessible, Reliable, and Trustworthy. Any interest that is accumulated through the lending platform will be made from either Ether or Bitcoin mining.


Who’s Behind WiryCoin?

There’s no claim as to who is behind the company. They haven’t disclosed any information on the team or where they’re located as far as headquarters.

WiryCoin Conclusion

If you want a safe bet investment, I would stay away from Wirycoin. They have almost no transparency on anything about the team or where they’re from. There are plenty of other companies on the market you can check out that are proven solid.

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