WISeKey International Holding Ltd has introduced the WISfans platform that has a secure near field communication (NFC) functionality. The objective of this platform is to eradicate counterfeiting of sports apparel.

A study conducted by Forbes revealed that the 20 most valued football clubs in the world generated almost $500 million during the 2016/2017 season. A significant portion of these earnings was got from selling their authentic sportswear.

Football is obviously the most followed game globally. Often, fans to these teams buy their branded merchandise as a sign of their loyalty. Though the clubs are making sizeable amounts from the trade of these commodities, their revenues do not match the size of their respective fan bases. The mains reason behind this difference is the prevalence of counterfeit merchandise.

The WISfans solution intends to eradicate counterfeiting of sports apparel using a combination of utility tokens and advanced security mechanisms such as NFC and NanoSealRT. Moreover, the solution will improve the relationships between fans and their favorite teams using a digitized ‘clubhouse’ ecosystem. In addition to countering the production of fake products, the ecosystem will generate additional revenue for the teams by increasing ticket sales. Fans will also get tokens for activities completed within the ecosystems.

Speaking on WISfans, Olivier Debelleix, an executive officer at WISeKey, said that the company has a reputation for developing solutions that protect digital identity and brands. She added that WISeKey has extended this service to the sports industry. Olivier concluded by urging sports teams to embrace the WISfans solution.

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