There’s now no argument that blockchain technology is the foundation of the financial systems of the future. While blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are now highly valuable and have been adopted by many merchants and businesses around the world, they are still in the nascent stages of their development and suffer from a number of ongoing issues.

One of the main issues that blockchain systems currently suffer from is slow transaction speed. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum developers are fervently working to solve transaction speed issues and scale the capacity of their respective networks, which has been the cause of many arguments in the industry lately.

Smart contracts, which are the primary feature of networks such as the Ethereum network, are somewhat limited in their ability to execute cross-chain contracts. It’s also difficult for disparate blockchain networks to communicate between each other.

A new blockchain network aims to provide users with a system that address these issues, providing extremely fast transaction speed, high levels of scalability, and cross-chain contract execution. The WISEPLAT network is currently in the process of launching an ICO, and is one of the most promising blockchain platforms of 2017.

In his article, we’ll take a look at the WISEPLAT platform and find out what it plans to achieve, as well as examining the upcoming WISEPLAT ICO to help you determine whether it’s worth investing in.


WISEPLAT describes their prospective platform as the “next generation blockchain system”, and are aiming to create the fastest, most flexible blockchain system possible. The WISEPLAT platform is the brainchild of Oleg Shpagin, who has commented on the development of the innovative platform:

“Blockchain will go down in history as one of the most revolutionary and advanced technologies of all times. The economy is passing through the next stage of its development. It is a crucial point when business processes, speed of result generation, confidence in business partners are changing, the problem of the dictator is being solved. It is excellent and genious! WISEPLAT was intended for large positive changes for many people in the world!”

WISEPLAT is focused on delivering a high network capacity and high network scalability, with the possibility to deploy private blockchains that can be connected to the primary WISEPLAT blockchain. Smart contracts can be created that operate between these different blockchains.

Users are able to verify only their own accounts, and can easily create dapps that connect to the main blockchain. The WISEPLAT platform itself is built upon the core principles of the Ethereum blockchain, but differs in terms of payment systems, application functionality, and private blockchain development.


The WISEPLAT platform will operate with the WISE Token, which is currently being distributed through a pre-ico. The specifics of the WISEPLAT ICO, as well as token price, can be viewed via the WISEPLAT GitHub.

The WisePlat Verdict

WISEPLAT appears to be a novel approach to blockchain optimization, and draws from the best features of the Ethereum blockchain while allowing for private chain creation. If you’re interested in investing in a high-potential new blockchain network, WISEPLAT is worth considering.


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