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We live in an era where the cryptocurrency craze is taking the financial world by storm. Right now, an altcoin is undergoing inauguration somewhere in the world. These currencies make their way into the market through initial coin offerings.

The idea behind ICOs and IPOs is almost similar, with only a thin line of difference existing between the two. While IPOs exchange equities and securities, ICOs offer digital currencies in which investors hope that's their values with soar in the future.

ICOs, also known as crowd sales, are fast becoming the most popular means to raise funds to finance projects. From an investor's perspective, they are a platform through which profits can be made, albeit being a risky take. That being said, since ICOs are now a common occurrence, there is need to keep tabs regularly and be on the know always.

Wiser ICO features a complete list of upcoming and ongoing crowdsale so that you never miss out on an investment opportunity.

The Rapid Rise of Initial Coin Offerings

Until recently, individuals had reservations about the cryptocurrency landscape. The unprecedented success of the pioneering digital currency, the Bitcoin, proved to be a game-changer. Now, everybody wants to join the party, and as a result, ICOs are popping up everywhere in a bid to quench what is fast becoming an insatiable thirst to join this multi-trillion dollar industry.

Punters are now spending most of their time on the web, scouring through the long list of available crowdsales to find their best match. With so much promise and potential, identifying the appropriate choice is often mind-boggling. Wiser ICO offers a thoroughly analysed list of crowdsales, saving you time and money.

How Do ICOs Work?

As mentioned earlier, companies are now using crowdsales to fund projects worth enormous amounts of money. To do so, they create alternative coins using blockchain technology and sell them in the form of tokens. These altcoin tokens are denominated in the commonly occurring digital currencies, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum.

After purchase, the tokens go to cryptocurrency exchanges, where they undergo the same process as securities in stock exchanges. This means that the value fluctuates either positively or negatively, dependent on prevailing market factors.

Why Should You Keep an ICO Calendar?

Usually, investors are an optimistic lot of individuals. They participate in new crowdsales with the hope that the rates of coins will soar, which translates to profitable returns. Also, a portion of them joins ICOs to get early access to potential blockchain giants of the future. For this reasons, it is a no-brainer that investors regularly update their ICO calendar, as it could potentially maximize one's profits.

Furthermore, ICOs are coming up incessantly as of now. Many of them have peculiar titles, often inconceivable to the human mind. However, wiser ICO has virtual omnipresence in this regard, so be rest assured of being always in the loop.

So, what are you still waiting for? Visit Wiser ICO now and get on the bandwagon before it's too late!

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