The growing cryptocurrency market is providing for multiple opportunities which investors can use to capitalize on their profit growth. However, to the unexperienced cryptocurrency investor, there is always the vulnerability notion that comes with volatility.

Consequently, this makes investment decisions much harder, and informed analysis is essential to ensure maximum profit. Still, this is often a challenge especially for the beginner investors looking to start off with their crypto investing. Fortunately, the blockchain scene provides multiple sources that let you profit from investing strategies that require professional knowledge and luckily here's one for review.

What Is WiseWolf?

WiseWolf Fund aims to provide for an alternative channel for investors to enter the cryptocurrency market by eliminating the typical challenges of setting up an investing account. The cryptocurrency fund platform will go into managing, investing and re-investing the investors' funds in liquid assets, with the decisions working under an AI platform to analyze the cryptocurrency markets. To sum up, WiseWolf get to manage the users' funds on their behalf and make a substantial profit through using next-generation AI technology

How WiseWolf AI Crypto Investment Fund Strategy Works

The WiseWolf AI platform provides for the superior investment decisions that will guarantee profitable returns. The technology will be in use to search, analyze and process the available crypto market data and make accurate investment decisions as far as the results of the analysis go.

The AI mechanism design will study the potential investment offering from where it draws a shortlist of the investment options and makes the final decision. With its diversified portfolio strategy, the AI platform will work to invest in new and upcoming token offers, present-day altcoins, cryptocurrency liquidity and fiat currency.

WiseWolf Benefits

  • Independent trading- as a first, WiseWolf provides users with independent investing based on the AI-driven results
  • All-round analysis with the WiseWolf AI platform gives users the capacity to overcome the human factor influences such as inconclusive decision making, fatigue and potential losses
  • The AI platform can analyze a substantial amount of data within crypto markets, and this can save cryptocurrency investors a lot of time on gathering and processing of investment recommendations
  • Refer and Earn option which provides users with a 5% token bonus for each new member who registers through their referral links


WiseWolf WOLF Token ICO Details

ICO Stages

  • Pre-ICO- early bird investors get to purchase the WOLF tokens at a price of $0.07 per coin from the 250 million tokens available
  • Main ICO features a token supply 500 million WOLF at $0.10 each
  • Private sale ICO for restricted investors, with a 250 million token amount and at a price of $0.13 per coin.

Token Details

  • Ticker- WOLF
  • Platform- Ethereum (ERC223 model)
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price- 1 WOLF= $0.13
  • Token supply- 1.3 billion tokens
  • Available for sale- 1.001 billion tokens
  • Hard Cap- 100 million USD
  • Soft Cap- 500,000 USD
  • Minimum investment- $10

WiseWolf Conclusion

WiseWolf is offering an essential investment service that is fast gaining traction in crypto markets due to the growing number of new altcoins. However, there is growing concern about the use of AI-based investment platforms which often characterize scams. Similarly, in WiseWolf's case, there is a need for caution since there are underlying possibilities of fraud such as the lack of adequate information on the AI-based investment algorithm.

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