IoT and AI are everywhere right now, and more often we utilize these technologies on a daily basis. While the tow innovations are steadily growing in popularity, one of the most ubiquitous technologies in the scene is also presenting a new advanced capability.

By combining blockchain to AI and IoT devices, blockchain ventures are presenting new consumer-grade virtual assistants are will include everything and anything from smart home technology to enterprise solutions. Here's the venture discovering the true scope of blockchain IoT and the AI assistance technology.

What Is WizeBit?

WizeBit is a blockchain-based smart device and IoT platform that specializes in software, hardware, and AI technology. The platform will utilize the blockchain technology to build a private and decentralized data solution for both enterprise and personal level applications. Additionally, the use of cutting-edge technology will entail helping to protect the device user's rights to their data.

WizeBit Products


WizeBox will connect third-party IoTs and external applications to enable the control, management, and monitoring of the devices through voice commands and interfaces.

My AI-

WizeBit will provide for a blockchain-based virtual assistant running on multi-layered cybersecurity protocols to protect user information on a private server under an anonymous user profile.

Ghost Drive-

Users will also get access to a personal vault through the Ghost Drive solution, which is a cloud-based file storage portal on the WizeBit Blockchain Network

The WizeBit Blockchain Personal Assistant Coin Concept

To solve the inconsistency with data privacy, WizeBit will create a global data interconnectivity platform known as Lunasphere. The WizeBit ecosystem will allow the users to access the comprehensive privacy guardian with automated daily routines. The predictive algorithm behind Lunasphere will enable personal encryption of profiles in the IoT helping them to stay private but still interactive. All these will occur through access by the platform's cryptocurrency, Wize.

WizeBit Benefits

  • Anonymity- the WizeBox and Ghost Drive Feature help encrypt your data starting from the smart devices, IoTs till storage
  • Open-Source- through the Wize token, WizeBit will enable members to create unique and usable applications within the marketplace
  • Security- data encryption and encoding will occur under secure data transfer protocols to allow unique security features.
  • Transparency- for purposes of monitoring and innovation, Wize enables for full access through blockchain's cryptographic functions

WizeBit WIZE Token ICO Details

As of now, the WizeBit ICO is offering its second private round sale enrollment with the minimum requirement standing at 5 ETH per investment. After, WizeBit will enlist the dates for the Pre-ICO and Public ICO stages for interested investors. On the other hand, the token allocation runs as follows.

  • Device Mining Tokens-20%
  • ICO Crowdfunding-50%
  • Management and Board of advisors-4%
  • AI Lunasphere Reward Ecosystem-10%
  • Research and Development-16%

Parameters Of The ICO:

  • Token Symbol= WIZE
  • Token model= ERC-20
  • Maximum supply- 500 Million WIZE
  • ICO supply- 250 Million WIZE
  • 1 Master node- 25,000 WIZE
  • Hardcap- 10,000 ETH
  • Soft cap- 4,000 ETH

WizeBit Conclusion

The world of IoT and AI technology has plenty of ventures investigating ways to ready the blockchain technology for smart devices and virtual assistant innovations. WizeBit is an excellent example of how blockchain and IoT could become co-dependent on each other in the future. The combination is a big-time opportunity and getting them to could bring out something special.


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