Wono – Share What You Have, Get What You Want

Sometimes it is very difficult for freelancers to spend their hard earned money in products and services all over the world. Indeed, the industry is full of taxes and intermediaries everywhere that take fees from the people. But that’s about to change with WONO.

WONO is a decentralized P2P platform for exchange or rent any assets and services without currency and taxation expenses. Freelancers will be able to work, earn their salary, and spend it where they want without paying taxes or fees.

The main intention behind WONO is to build a bridge between the world of cryptocurrencies and the real world. Uses will be able to work as freelancers or hire other interested individuals, rent out or rent a car, exchange theatre subscriptions, and more.

This is an incredible and revolutionary way to redistribute income from middlemen to service providers, asset owners, and community members. The most important is that the platform is powered by blockchain technology and WONO tokens.

WONO is a platform very similar to giants as Airbnb, Turo, or Upwork, which offer different products and services but for a cheaper price than B2C competitors. WONO aims to solve the problems that these companies have by implementing blockchain technology.

WONO works with very small commission (1-5%) and those who use the tokens will not pay taxes due to the fact that the tokens are non-taxable digital assets.

The platform has adopted smart contracts that allow users to be sure that their deal will be completed and that they will be compensated in case of cancellation. Crowd insurance and crowd arbitrage systems provide compensation if the deal is cancelled.

Additionally, due to the fact that there are no banks or financial institutions involved, WONO transactions do not have exchange rates, users receive WONO tokens for their work or service they provide.

WONO Token Details:

Token Symbol: WONO
Token Sale Starts: July 2018
Token Price: 0.5 USD
Total Supply: 47,500,000 WONO
Token Standard: Ethereum
Soft Cap: $7,000,000
Hard Cap: $20,000,000

WONO Crowdsale

  • Tokens on sale 60%
  • Team and Owners 20%
  • Reserve 12%
  • Advisors 5%
  • Bounty 3%

There will be 79,166,667 tokens available. The basic token price is $0.5 dollars, the soft cap is $7,000,000 dollars and the Hard Cap is $20,000,000 dollars.

At the moment, the ICO is on its PreSale stage, in the next quarter it will start with the CrowdSale, and during 2019, the pre-release and release will take place.


The CEO and Founder is Alexander Esaulov. He is an entrepreneur and a marketing expert who founded various start-ups including Greeder (a products marketplace with a bargaining option), Alex Games, and many others.

Andrey Chepelev is the COO. He is Editor-in-Chief and Project Manager at Kolesa.ru. In four years, he raised the website’s monthly audience from 0.7 million to 2 million and developed it from a small regional media into the no. 5 automotive media site in Russia.

German Solodov is the CMO. He has seven years of experience in digital marketing and is a SEO guru. During his last work he raised the company’s digital sales by 12% in just six months converting a $100,000 marketing budget into $700,000 of revenue each month.

Other important team members are Alexander Nikitin, Arthur Lavrishev, Anton Guljakin, Maria Polzik, Julia Larionova and Alexey Knizhnikov. The advisors are Lev Lemkov, Alexander Frolov and Kirill Pyrev.

Wono Conclusion

The company’s main goal is to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and real assets/services and create a shared economy ecosystem based on the principles of transparency, mutual trust, and responsibility.


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