What Is WoodPellets?

Wood Pellets are already a key staple product across Europe’s renewable energy sector and are starting to gain popularity across the world, particularly as people acknowledge both the economical and ecological need for sustainability. They proved a fully sustainable fuel alternative, and since they burn clean without any air and health quality control issues, wood pellets are preferred to coal in electricity generation. With this in mind, Project Wood Pellets aims to build a highly efficient, modern and environmentally friendly wood pellets that are based on deep wood processing technology and implemented with minimal environmental impact.

WoodPellets Blockchain Project & Eco Mining

This new project Wood Pellets is aimed at advancing the role of environmental sustainability in energy production. All the logging waste products that will not be used in producing wood pellets will be used to generate heat and electricity for the organization’s needs. There are also plans in place to launch an eco-friendly greenhouse complex and an advanced mining farm as another way of supporting the project. Located within the Pskov area, this WP project intends to continue playing a leading role in rapid restoration of forests by shifting highly advanced technologies in timber processing as part of the wood pellets production.

What Is The Target Market Of These Wood Pellets?

Currently, the world’s leading wood pellets consumer is Europe, with demand for this essential product increasing by nearly 30 percent annually. This increasingly high demand for renewable energy sources is largely because of the recently signed Paris Agreement, in which countries signed a binding agreement to reduce their greenhouse emissions. Many manufacturers and individual users are now using wood pellets to help support that eco-friendly legislation. Thus, this project WP is quite viable as there is a willing market that is ready to buy the products.

Despite being a great consumer of wood pellets, Europe also does not have adequate supplies of raw materials to create sufficient quantities of biofuel that it needs. This explains why this region is one of the rising importers of wood pellets, particularly in countries like Italy, Belgium and Netherlands. With such a strong target base, this new project WP should not have a hard time accessing the EU markets and also access to its local Russian market.

WoodPellets ICO Details

The project WP team plans to issue a digital crypto token to interested investors that is backed by the real-world value of the wood pellets cost. This is not only a chance to make profits once the wood pellets reach the market, but it also means that you are doing your role in helping the shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy use across the world. The pre-ICO is live now through May 2018. The main ICO will be held from July through August 2018. Owning the WP token means that you are now a shareholder of this Russian firm and you are eligible to earn dividends and profits.

WoodPellets Final Thoughts

The WP token is quite attractive for potential investors since it is backed by real world assets, including the production factory located in Proskov. This means every holder of this token will be safeguarded against risk. Most importantly, the firm will be transparent in how it handles all the investment funds, which involves conducting annual audits and reporting how the funds are being used right on the website. Overall, this Project Wood Pellets is worth having a look for those who are keen on earning profits while conserving the environment.

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