If you are a new digital currency user you will find that there are only a few traditional currency conversion platforms available today. Users on these platforms can only purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash with their fiat currencies. If you are a user who wants to access the other many new and developing coins in the blockchain technology, the process becomes more complicated, risky, and time-consuming. This makes it very hard for users to access new and exciting blockchain applications and networks.

What Is Worbli?

World Blockchain Initiative WORBLI is developing the world’s most cost-effective and developer friendly consumer and enterprise blockchain platform. The platform is created to decrease the existing barrier to entry in blockchain technology for both users and developers. Currently, most blockchain currencies and tokens can only be accessed through mining or trading on the digital currency exchanges. This environment severely limits those who want to acquire, develop, and utilize tokens for blockchain transactions.

How Worbli World Blockchain Initiative Platform Works

WORBLI wants blockchain technology to be accessible to everyone. This means coming up with a platform that simplifies the way users enter the blockchain technology business. It also means simplifying the way tokens are stored and traded on the blockchain. There should be account interfaces that users can use to easily track their tokens and engage with blockchain applications as easily as it is to engage with the existing online platforms.

The platform should be secure, efficient, user-friendly, and multi-functional. World Blockchain Initiative hopes to create such a system. This platform will be a one-stop financial platform that seamlessly connects the dots between digital assets and fiat transactions enabling users to buy, sell, exchange, and store their digital assets with ease.

This financial platform is totally cryptocurrency integration backed, and it is built on its own independent EOS blockchain. The EOS will have a frictionless playground for developers and an interface for users that rivals any website or app in its intuitive ease of use. Other features include:

  • Users are able to track and spend digital currencies in a single account
  • Users will connect their account with any existent currency-trading platform
  • Users can access applications built on the independent EOS blockchain platform
  • Users can securely recover their account in case they lose their private keys.

Worbli WBI Token ICO Details

WORBLI intends to raise funds through the sale of the WORBLI token. The token is a true utility token that has intrinsic value on the platform since it represents access to network resources such as computing power, bandwidth, and storage. The token will first be developed on the ERC-20 Ethereum platform but later it will be coded in line with the standards issued at the release of open source EOS blockchain software.

The total supply for the initial WORBLI tokens distribution will be 500,000,000 tokens and 200,000,000 of these tokens will be available for purchase during the ICO. The tokens will be distributed through a series of issuances that will be concluded at the end of the final fundraising round. Each token is valued at $ 0.10 during the presale and $0.25 during the ICO.

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