What Is Word of Mouth Pro?

Word of Mouth Pro is a newly-formed company that is in the process of creating a decentralized authenticator for companies that do business and pursue customers using word of mouth. The platform is called Eucleia and was inspired by blockchain technology. While Word of Mouth Pro’s timeline doesn’t project Eucleia to be fully operational until December 2020, the company is about to launch its ICO on July 20, 2018.

The Word of Mouth Pro Team

Word of Mouth Pro is based in the United Arab Emirates. However, the company was co-founded by three Italian men: Giovanni Lionetti, Riccardo Vieri, and Maurizio Siracusa. Both Lionetti and Viera can be considered serial entrepreneurs who have had some level of focus in technology for more than 20 years. Siracuse, on the other hand, has a background as a developer cybersecurity expert.

The company’s website lists roughly half a dozen employees, including software developers, a public relations officer, a social media expert, and a direct sales specialist. The site also includes over half a dozen advisors in the fields of finance, marketing, communications, and ICOs.

How Word of Mouth Pro Blockchain Authenticator System Works

Word of Mouth Pro estimates that referral marketing is worth over $183 billion dollars by way of over 100 million operators. The use of social media has increased the number of people who hear about new businesses and opportunities via referral marketing or word of mouth. However, people often struggle to verify the information they hear about companies via word of mouth, with is the problem Word of Mouth Pro has set out to solve with its platform Eucleia.

On its website, Word of Mouth Pro describes Eucleia as a “global authenticator certified by blockchain.” It uses blockchain technology and WMPRO tokens to certify companies in the network marketing, referral marketing, direct sales, and e-commerce industries, as well as the products and services they offer. These companies are able to go through a certification process on the Eucleia platform, so their legitimacy can be confirmed for potential customers and affiliates. Both the companies and individuals within the company will receive ratings based on fairness and transparency.

The Eucleia platform rewards users with WMPRO tokens that contribute useful information. Through the use of blockchain technology, all the information on Eucleia can be certified so that it can’t be manipulated or falsified. Companies that become certified on Eucleia can post that certification on their website and social media platforms so that potential customers know that the company is being held to a higher standard. WMPRO tokens collected by contributors to Eucleia can be used to pay for digital services.

In theory, any professional who benefits from word of mouth or referral marketing for his or her business can potentially benefit from Eucleia. With every certification received on the platform, the rating of a company or individual improves. This will be helpful for the reputation of that company or individual and make it easier to attract more leads and customers. Meanwhile, potential customers can verify the legitimacy of business opportunities they hear about before jumping into something.

Word of Mouth Pro WMPRO TOKEN ICO Details

The Word of Mouth Pro ICO will get underway on July 20, 2018. There will be 50 million WMPRO tokens available during the ICO. The value of 1 WMPRO token is $0.31, although ETH will be the only currency accepted.

During the ICO, 1 ETH will be equal to 1.500 WMP tokens. However, those who make a purchase during the first round from July 20 to July 30 will receive a 40% bonus. Purchases during the second round from July 31 to August 20 will get a 30% bonus. Round three from August 21 to September 10 will have a 20% bonus. The fourth round of the ICO from September 11 to September 24 will have a 10% bonus. After that, there will be no bonuses until the end of the ICO on October 31, 2018. However, anyone who spends at least 100 ETH may be eligible for an additional bonus.

Word of Mouth Pro Verdict

It’s easy to see how the Eucleia platform being created by Word of Mouth Pro will be useful and helpful to people. Direct sales and network marketing companies are notoriously unreliable and misleading. A platform that enables users to hold them accountable, prop up the legitimate operations, and identify those that are clear scams is a wonderful idea. If these companies are encouraged to seek certification and be reviewed on a platform like Eucleia, it will help to weed out the bad companies.

That being said, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of experience with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology within the Word of Mouth Pro team. They may have proven entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to succeed in the crypto and blockchain universe. It’s also hard to see a lot of benefits in acquiring WMPRO tokens. With that in mind, this may be more of a wait-and-see investment opportunity rather than trying to get in on the ground floor.

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