WordPress Users Can Now Receive XRP Via Bitvolo Trustless Crypto Payment Gateway Plugins

The crypto universe is increasingly making it easier for crypto enthusiasts to receive, buy, and use cryptocurrencies across various locations, e.g., online retailers and even traditional supermarkets. Bitvolo Trustless Crypto Payment Gateway has not been left behind.

The payment gateway recently released a plugin that would make it easier for bloggers to receive payment for their services in the form of crypto. This particular gateway will rely on the decentralized nature of the blockchain infrastructure to run its operations. It will also provide support for Nano, XRP, Stellar, and IOTA.

WordPress Plugin

The plugin will charge a flat fee of 0.05CHF. The fee will be applied to all transactions executed by bloggers using this plugin. It will make it possible for its users to convert the crypto into fiat currencies and vice versa. Some of the fiat currencies that will be allowed by this plugin will include CHF, EUR, and USD.

Users will not need to worry about technical behind-the-scene issues as well as maintenance of the plugin. This is primarily because the plugin will be operating its own set of blockchain nodes from the get-go.

Lacicloud, Laszlo, and Dan Darden are programmers that have tried to replicate this scenario. The programmers have successfully managed to develop a WordPress plugin that can be used by bloggers to accept MIOTA payments for their websites. The plugin has been named PayIOTA.me by the team behind its development.

The new plugin by the three developers is compatible with WordFence as well as WordPress security ass-on. Many bloggers using the WordPress platform like using WordFence as it helps protect their sites from spammers and hackers. According to the news publication that announced the development of this plugin, the plugin will also support invoices for a maximum of seven days.

Any users who feel the need to update their inventories after one week has elapsed will need to make use of the update application programming interface call.

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