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The cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest growing tech sectors for employment in the world. Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency, has maintained an unprecedented stable high over the last several months, attracting investors from around to the crypto market.

Other high performing cryptos such as Litecoin and Ethereum have added further fuel to the fire, causing a sharp spike in overall crypto investment. With this spike in invested capital comes a spike in employment opportunities, especially with the growing popularity of ICOs, or initial coin offerings.

Incorporating Crypto In Future Jobs

There is currently a high demand for skilled employees in the cryptocurrency sector, but few online job portals are keeping up with the crypto revolution. There have been a number ICOs promoting blockchain-based job portals, but none of these solutions are live yet. Until now, there has been no comprehensive source of information regarding job opportunities in the crypto industry.

A simple new website, however, is providing crypto industry employers with a free platform through which they can hunt for new crypto talent. Work in Crypto is an extremely simple site that provides a one page list of the hottest new jobs in the crypto and blockchain sector

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Work in Crypto platform and find out what it offers to help you decide whether it’s the right crypto job portal for you.

Features & Functionality

Work in Crypto is extremely simple. Instead of cluttering up the user interface with unnecessary toolbars and the like, the Work in Crypto platform consists of a simple scrollable list of the latest job offerings in the crypto sector.

Clicking on a job ad provides a detailed breakdown of the position, its location, the age of the listing, and an application button. It’s also possible to sign up for email updates via the home page. Posting a job on Work in Crypto is similarly simple- prospective employers simply fill out a short form, after which communication is handled through the supplied email address.

Final Thoughts On Working In The Crypto World

Whether you’re looking for work in the crypto sector, or are seeking fresh crypto talent to hire, the Work in Crypto platform is a great solution.

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