WorkChain’s workID Is World’s First Immutable CV For Verified Data

WorkChain, a system that promotes a new mean of verifying a potential candidate’s work history and other related records, has recently announced the launch of a third of its protocol, the workID, which is supposedly the world’s first blockchain-based Immutable CV.

CEO of WorkChain, Ivan Petrovic made the announcement himself stating that it could redefine how work is done, the hiring process and eventually, payroll administrations. In addition, he went to say that the workID can determine whether or not details provided by a candidate is factual. In particular, he uses LinkedIn as an example saying that:

“LinkedIn is unreliable because more than a third of people lie on their LinkedIn profile.”

His statement also suggests that the workID’s use of blockchain technology creates the “world’s first immutable CV that contains only trusted and verified data.” When considering the overall platform of the workID, a public ledger in which proof-of-work (PoW) records will be generated.

As for the type of reliable information firms can get hold of, they range from the types of shifts taken in the past, positions held, records related to pays and personal leaves as well as educational background checks.

workID is not the only project that WorkChain has focused on, as it places equal emphasis on its workPAY and workLOAN as well. workPAY has been created to replace traditional payroll systems and uses PoW records to create real-time payments in an effective manner for employers. According to the claims made, the goal is not simply to stop at verification and payments, but also bringing crypto into real-life use, in particular, as a compensation for work.

For more information regarding WorkChain’s future plans, consumers are advised to check out or to join their official Telegram group.

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