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Could WorkCoin Change the Future of Freelancing?

If you are in quest of a way to make more money and to be your boss while doing it, you might want to get more jobs through freelance work. The significant positive that comes with freelance work is the ability to work for others, but you are not under them. The client pays you for a particular job, and you complete the task within the agreed upon time frame.

While there are restrictions on how long the project can take, freelancing tends to have a lot of independence as to when you work. However, our current freelancing system is causing more problems than its worth. The challenges of fraud and other inefficiencies curtail our freelancing platform, but blockchain is proving vital in building a more robust ecosystem for a freelancer. Here's a review of what blockchain will offer for the next-generation freelancers.

What is WorkCoin WRK?

The WorkCoin platform is a blockchain freelancing community whereby freelance service providers from around the world can render their skills, knowledge or services to WorkCoin target community of service buyers. Functions within the platform will allow for freelancers and buyers to interact through a system of payments and a payment currency known as WorkCoin token (WRK). The coin will ensure the transparency and security of the transactions.

WorkCoin’s Ecosystem

Unlike other freelance platforms, WorkCoin will enable users to buy services through the TroopMarket web, and mobile applications with full protection regarding identity. Additionally, the names and personalities of the users/service providers will remain anonymous as a security measure.

To register as a service provider, you would need to authenticate your accounts with GitHub, LinkedIn or any other services website with your work or post links. For the service buyers, they will also require getting a WorkCoin account from where they would fund with ETH to get WorkCoin token (WRX) from an exchange.

The seller contacts the buyer over chat in case there is work to be done. If the candidate qualifies, the parties submit their work contract to the escrow and arbitration system to finalize the deal.

What You Can Gain From the Platform

  • Immutability- can handle a large number of users and data in a safe and secure environment
  • Cost-effective- work payouts are subject to negligible fees, and no additional charges are present when transacting with the contract employer.
  • Proof of Work-provides credibility which is a big concern for freelancers
  • Low volatility- the specialized WRK token will be protected from extraneous circumstances which would affect its value.
  • Incentives and bonuses- platform’s users will receive WRK tokens as a reward for helping grow the ecosystem

Can WorkCoin WRK Be Beneficial?

With the freelancing community booming and expanding due to increased outsourcing, WorkCoin can form an essential platform to change our style of employment completely. The platform can come in handy in empowering freelancing opportunities and improving the transparency of the work projects. If you understand the freelancing community, you will rate WorkCoin as a project with much potential.

The only downside such an evolutionary technology is set to face is the high number of similar blockchain applications that exist. Consequently, this makes the freelancing market more competitive in term of blockchain venture. For WorkCoin to indeed make an impact, it would require a more competitive marketing strategy to get their blockchain platform into mass adoption.

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