The current state of lotteries across the world is nothing short of appalling. The systems are under the tight leash of governments and corporate giants, epitomizing centralization and non-transparency. Essentially, the entire platforms are under the control of a select few, significantly increasing the possibility of fraudulent activities.

The probability of winning is substantially reduced by the fact that gamblers have to choose a combo of random numbers from a relatively wide selection. In cases where double draws occur, the chance of winning is next to zero. On the unlikely event that a bettor wins a lottery they are often required to appear in mainstream media so as to prove the credibility of such competitions. While it has its positives, this exposure makes the winner a target for criminals.

World Crypto Lotto was established to curb these challenges. This platform intends to abolish lotteries that impel clients to choose random combinations from an infinite range of numbers, increasing the chances of winning. Moreover, World Crypto Lotto will leverage blockchain technology to enhance transparency, efficiency and decentralization. Winners will be randomly selected and payments sent to their digital wallets using smart contracts. Hence, winners remain anonymous, eliminating a possible security threat on them.

Initially, the project will conduct draws on a weekly, quarterly and yearly basis, all paid out in virtual currencies. Later on, the platform will integrate additional features, in accordance with the situational demand. The company believes that it will soon become a leading online lottery platform primarily due to its favorable odds as well as the ever-growing adoption of cryptocurrencies.

World Crypto Lotto Core Objectives

The primary goal of the World Crypto Lotto is to establish an automated, a fair and transparent lottery system. Using blockchain technology, the company will ensure that the systems cannot be skewed or breached by malicious individuals.

To achieve its desired status of world’s best online lottery, this project will offer the best odds in the market. Thanks to the elimination of intermediaries, overhead costs will be lower, allowing the company to offer big odds.

World Crypto Lotto is dedicated to providing unrivaled user experiences, as shown by their continuous improvement and innovation strategies. In this regard, the company invests a portion of its revenue to research and development.

Ultimately, WCL intends to create a cryptocurrency which will then be listed on popular exchanges. This will increase the accessibility of the platform considerably.

How It Works

  1. Gamblers send funds to the lottery wallet address and are automatically added to the draw
  2. During the draw, the smart contact selects a random winner
  3. The winnings are sent to the winner’s wallet address
  4. A new draw commences

World Crypto Lotto Coin and ICO

Instead of the normal approach where a coin issued before a project is inaugurated, World Crypto Lotto intends to first establish a running project before creating a utility tokens. Nonetheless, investors can participate in the Early Bird and Pre-launch contribution phases. When the ICO is eventually conducted, these participants will receive bonus coins proportional to the amount they invested in the preliminary stages.

  • Token Symbol: CLX
  • Token Stage 1 Sale Starts: April 28, 2018
  • Token Stage 1 Sale Ends: May 19, 2019
  • Token Price: $0.5 USD
  • Total Supply: 100 Million
  • Hard Cap: 7.5 Million

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