World Cryptocurrency 101

A lot of investors are entering the cryptocurrency market since the cryptocurrency boom in 2017. It’s true that cryptos can be a gold mine if you really know how to invest in them, but many people do not how to properly do that and end up losing money, which can be troublesome for them.

Because of this, many people look for platforms like the World Crypto Currency 101 (WCC101). Is this a good option for you? It is time for you to discover everything about this new platform.

World Cryptocurrency 101 (WCC101)?

WCC101 boasts to have the “most in-depth” crypto education program that even gives you signals on how you should trade your cryptocurrencies. The company promises to give you signals that will tell the tendencies of the market and summaries that will explain to you how to invest well if you decide to use its programs to learn more about the cryptocurrency market.

What Does World Cryptocurrency 101 Offer?

The company explains that the product consists of four professional traders that will explain to you how the cryptocurrency world works in live webinars and create educational content. You will also receive the program that will send you trading signals.

It also claims to have a full responsive support that will help you whenever you need and the signals are fully compatible with popular cryptocurrency exchanges that you can find online like Poloniex, Bittrex, HitBTC and many others. The algorithms, according to the company, have been tested for more than 5 years before the company started to use them.

The platform will also allow its users to interact which each other. This happens because WCC101 believes that interacting is a way to learn about the cryptos on the market, so you should do it to be sure that you are learning from your peers.

Finally, WCC101 will also offer weekly reports about the market that you can read to learn more about how to invest.

How To Use WCC101 Trading Education & Signals

The WCC101 is offering a Pro Package at the moment. This package can be used for 6 months and it costs $477 USD (that can also be paid in BTC or LTC). At the moment, you cannot buy less than 6 months of the service if you want to use it. By creating and account and paying the fees you will be able to have full access during six months and then you will have to decide whether to pay it again or not.

You can also be a part of the World Crypto Currency 101 Affiliate Program. This way, you will be able to access the content and to call people to join the program. By doing that, you will be able to get a percentage of the monthly fees that they will pay for the program, so you can basically use this program to get profit.

Is World Cryptocurrency 101 Secure?

Our opinion is that WCC101 is not really a very safe site. Trading signals are often inaccurate and the company is charging too much. Almost $500 USD is just too much money if you are not completely sure that the program will work. The six months period might be just an excuse for the company to get more money from you.

Also, the site does not give a lot of information about the people who have created the site nor who are the experts that will teach you. This is proposital lack of information is often used by scams. Also, the company states that the program was tested for five years, which is very unlikely since many of the current exchanges did not exist back then.

The affiliate program makes this looks more and more like a Ponzi Scheme, so you should be very wary of WCC101 if you want to keep your money safe.

World Cryptocurrency 101 (WCC101) Verdict

This is, obviously, not a great investment for you. Our advice would be for you to inform yourself better and to choose another company instead of this one. Companies that promise too much are often not reliable, so take into account when investing.

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