World Peace Coin

What Is World Peace Coin?

World Peace Coin or WPC is a one-of-a-kind service targeting individuals with no bank accounts and no access to financial services. The service aims to help such people live their lives independently and in the process establish world peace even among the isolated.

WPC came up with a system that opens real opportunities for the financially disadvantaged people around the world by necessitating real-time settlements with very low remittance charges. The company has set a maximum number of WPC at 2.5 billion, of which 10 per cent (equivalent to $250 million) will be donated to developing countries.

How World Peace Coin Helping Poverty Cryptocurrency Works

As a company, World Peace Coin aims at implementing a new and unique computer system way of ‘thinking’ called ‘TSUMUGI’. This system works by estimating the capital outlay points of the target individuals with no savings or deposit accounts. The project aims to give such people a chance to generate income, get low interest loans, and lead independent lives. The WPC platform achieves high accuracy in capital outlay determination by working out the structured and unstructured data using its ‘new thinking’ computer system then analyzes the outlay points.

The TSUMUGI system then evaluates information collected about the people in unindustrialized region or country using the new ‘thinking computer’ algorithm. The technique, along with the platform the computer runs, will determine, with high accuracy, every capital outlay point, hence the amount each individual within a select locality should access as a loan. WPC hopes that its system will help all developing countries in the world to increase their financial worth to live decent and comfortable lives in peace.

World Peace Coin WPC Token ICO Details

World Peace Coin is a public cryptocurrency that was born sometime in 2016. The currency was developed to be the platform token on the WPC blockchain platform, which runs on Ethereum’s ERC-20 platform. To improve the security of the system and to implement the smart contracts that makes the system functional, the WPC blockchain platform uses a hybrid of Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Stake (PoS), as well as Proof-of-Loan (PoL).

Here are the fine details of the WPC ICO:

  • Currency Name: World Peace Coin
  • Ticker symbol: WPC
  • Currency type: X13
  • Project Type: Cryptocurrency, FinTech.
  • Token: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Public ICO Start: Mar 25 2018 End: Apr 25 2018
  • Total number of tokens issued: 2.500.000.000
  • Tokens issued during ICO: 10%
  • Accepted payments: ETH, BTC

World Peace Coin Conclusion

The World Peace Coin is a very ambitious project that appears well planned and execution seems to be very practical. Considering that it is based on a cryptocurrency and payment structure, the project will attract a lot of attention in the crypto and tech world because of its noble objectives. By targeting developing countries, the project’s market is rich with opportunities and is growing financially, which actually provides more opportunities for fintech players to try out their world-saving ideas running on the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

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