WorldBit WBT ICO

WorldBit is out to bring back commerce to the people. The founders of the company foresee a world where technology gives everyone an equal opportunity to create and share all kinds of digital products, and to communicate freely with others. Simply put, the WorldBit platform is built so everyone can use it to flourish.

Artists, artisans, small and medium-sized businesses, and any other professional can use the WorldBit platform to communicate and sell without having to deal with third-parties such as brokers and regulators. This is a blockchain platform where virtual money changes hands in real-time safely and anonymously.

How WorldBit WBT Works

WorldBit’s approach to the digitalization and decentralization of the economy is designed after man’s earliest form of trade: barter trade. This was a stage in history when selling was done between person to person and trust, often certified by a handshake or signed agreement, sealed the deal.

Thanks to Ethereum’s ERC-20 Token Standard blockchain, WorldBit has developed a platform to take back power from superstores and large tech companies. By using modern technology to recreate man’s original marketplace that works around the world, the company is working to revolutionize how Smart Contracts can be used to truly liberate trade and funds transfer.

Why WorldBit WBT

  • The Smart contracts that WorldBit uses on its blockchain platform are designed to ensure an efficient, free, and mutually beneficial transfer service where both parties of the transaction are protected. This makes the platform the ideal place to trade on equal footing with other traders and users.
  • Smart contracts also police the cryptocurrencies and commercial transactions on the marketplace. This is the technology that makes the platform secure, reliable, and promising enough to create a future economy on.
  • All tokens owned by account holders on WorldBit have a value that is determined by what is bought or sold on the platform. The new world of WorldBit is a global virtual marketplace that also rewards users and merchants with WBT.

If you are looking for a multi-currency wallet to store, manage, and exchange your assets instantly, you should have a look at what WorldBit has to offer. There is a vibrant open trading network that makes the platform a powerful decentralized wallet to keep your cryptocurrencies.

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